Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. We Shall Overcome!

1971 Staples High School graduate Brian Keane has composed the music for hundreds of films and television shows, produced over 100 albums, and earned Grammys, Emmys and Peabodys. He’s worked closely with Ric Burns on most of his groundbreaking documentaries.

Brian did not write the music for his holiday video this year. He just plays guitar on 2 familiar songs.

But this is one of his most powerful works ever. It reminds us how tragic 2020 was.

And how much hope we still have, as a new year beckons.

(Click below. But have your Kleenex handy.)

14 responses to “Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. We Shall Overcome!

  1. Charles Taylor

    I wept unapologetically! Thanks for the Beautiful Christmas Gift Brian and Dan. Staples taught us all critical thinking, a liberal arts High School!
    God Bless you both for producing this powerful piece and sharing Hope this Christmas!

  2. Michael Beecher

    Thank you, Brian, for putting the perfect bow on the gift of a less than perfect year.

  3. Dan, Brian Keane, Thank you for this “gift” on Christmas… and for the tissue advisory. Health & Peace for 2021.

  4. Theodore Gaylor

    Thank you for your creativity and for bringing the reality of our lives this year to mind in such a meaningful and beautiful way. Let this continue to remind us of what we must do to preserve our fragile peace and good fortune in the years to come.

  5. Beautifully done.

  6. Karen Bernstein

    Hauntingly beautiful and poignant. There are not enough ways to say thank you.

  7. The power of the arts to speak so eloquently with music and images beautifully choreographed for everyone to absorb a year to remember in which so many worked so hard to overcome and others sadly lost along the way. Peace to all. Thanks for sharing this Dan with our community and bravo Brian. We count our blessings!

  8. Art is always of it’s time.

  9. Russell Gontar

    Thanks Brian. That really hit the spot. And may I say, long live The Knights!

    • Touched to tears, moved to carry on; Hope is at hand- we must fight on through. Thank you, Dan for sharing this and Brian, for the inspiration and exquisite art of your music!

  10. Brian Keane touched my heart. Thanks for posting this Dan. Happy Holidays. 💕

  11. Elizabeth J. Yoder

    Gorgeous and moving. Thank you so much. I needed this tonight! As I’m sure so many do.

  12. I agree with everything Elizabeth J Yoder said.

  13. Your beautiful reflection raised hope in my heart and helped me to remember how our common vocation is to Love One Another.