Sophie Guiduli Helps Save The Sound

Sophie Guiduli is a junior at Staples High School. She’s a self-taught portrait artist. She is also a staunch advocate for Save the Sound, the non-profit that protects our waters and environment.

Jay Tsai grew up on Long Island Sound …

Sophie is melding both passions in a fundraiser she created herself. She’s drawing portraits of residents who recognize the value of the Sound, and want to support conservation efforts.

She set up a Facebook page to create aware of both Save the Sound, and her fundraiser. On it she says:

Growing up in Westport and as someone who loves the outdoors, the Sound is a place of beauty and tranquility. During this pandemic, the Sound has become a safe place where so many people in my community gather (socially distanced) and remember the beauty of nature and that life will at some point return to normal.

Sophie hopes that in addition to sending photos to Sophie (email that she can draw from — of themselves, friends or loved ones — advocates will add personal statements about their relationship to the Sound. She’ll post those on her page, along with the portraits. The result will be a virtual community, centered on the importance of Long Island Sound.

Donations can be sent to her GoFundMe page. She’s already raised over $1,200.

… as did his twin sister Anaya Tsai. (Portraits by Sophie Guiduli)

But Sophie is not stopping there. She hopes to find a local landlord who will display the portraits in the window of a store (or vacant space). That’s one more way of spreading the word about the Sound.

“In this time of social distancing, we all feel the loss of community,” Sophie says.

“I hope in my small way to bring people together so we can be thankful for the beauty of nature the Sound brings to us, and find ways to support efforts to restore the health of our waters.”

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  1. Mary Schmerker

    I do hope Sophie is successful. What a beautiful smile she captured on Anaya Tsai’s face. Stunnig art work. Sophie is very talented.