Oh, The Weather Outside (May Be) Frightful

An ominous phone alert from Eversource today warned customers to be prepared to lose power from a Christmas Eve storm. Heavy rain and winds gusting to 70 miles an hour were mentioned — though that was not on the Weather Channel forecast.

Fortunately, temperatures will be in the 50s.

The utility is planning for a Level 4 emergency. That means 10% to 29% of customers could lose power. Translation: 125,000 to 380,000 outages, with 1,500 to 10,000 trouble spots.

Restoration for a Level 4 event can range from 2 to 6 days.

Rest assured, though: Eversource has canceled vacations for its crews. They’ll be standing by.

So on Thursday, when you lay out milk and cookies for Santa: Charge your devices!

2 responses to “Oh, The Weather Outside (May Be) Frightful

  1. The right move by Eversource for sure -but let’s all thank the employees for working thru Xmas as it sounds as if they don’t have a choice. How 2020!

  2. Of course, as we all know, Climate Change is hoax!