Amid A Pandemic, Young Artists Persevere

Some of the world’s best art has been produced in times of crisis.

Some of Staples High School’s best, too.

For proof, look at the first newsletter from the Visual Arts Department. It’s filled with stunning drawings, paintings, photography, digital works, animation, jewelry, ceramics and pottery.

Even more remarkably, the students’ creations were done at a time of uncertainty and upheaval — when time to study in a classroom or work in a studio was at a premium.

Self-portrait (Poppy Livingstone)

Painting students bring supplies to school the one day a week their class meets, then haul them back home. Teachers create demo videos outside of class time, to augment their lessons. Feedback takes different forms in cyberspace. Digital art students lack the powerful software available on school computers. And without potters’ wheels and kilns at home, students use air-drying clay, and focus on hand-building techniques.

Despite the challenges, it works. Teachers still teach. Teenagers create. At a time when we need it more than ever, Staples art continues to intrigue and inspire.

Akira Madique’s Graphic Design 2 poster.

The curriculum includes Advanced Placement Studio Art: Drawing, Honors Studio Art, Oil Painting, Watercolor Painting, Advanced Painting, Painting Big, Silkscreen and Advanced Silkscreen; Photography 1 and 2; Graphic Design 1 and 2; Animation; Digital Foundation Honors; Advanced Placement 3D Art; Jewelry Design and Advanced Jewelry Design; Ceramics, and Pottery.

A fast shutter speed image by Siobhan Jebb.

Click here to see the full Visual Arts News page. Click here for more information about Staples’ Visual Arts Department.

Adding stippling to a pot.

Madeline Bell designed and created this bracelet.

(The Staples High School visual arts staff includes Carla Eichler, Camille Eskell, Jaclyn Jeselnik, Stacey Phelan, Justin Shay, Angela Simpson and Tracy Wright.)

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  1. BRAVO to teachers and talented students! Beautiful creations!!