Roundup: Fresh Eyes, Oyster Boat, More

2020 has seemed interminable. As we near the end, the days get colder; the nights longer.

Sometimes it’s good to get a fresh perspective. New “06880” reader Zeina Mobassaleh writes:

We just moved to Westport, from Dubai, and we feel so lucky to get to live here.

I want to share a picture I took on a morning walk on Compo this week. It was such a beautiful morning, I just kept walking and walking, I couldn’t get enough of the breathtaking nature and views literally all around me. I wish everyone could have seen it. So I’m sharing at least this picture with you.

Now all of “06880” can see it too. Thanks, Zeina — and welcome to Westport!

(Photo/Zeina Mobbasaleh)

Yesterday’s “06880” featured some background on the Catherine M. Wedmore, the oyster boat often seen from Westport’s shores.

Gene Borio was intrigued. He’s been photographing it for years. His close-up shot will intrigue the many “06880” readers who have only watched it from afar.

(Photo/Gene Borio)

And finally … December 7, 1941 was “a date which will live in infamy.”

Almost immediately, songwriters went to work. Charles Tobias’ “We Did It Before (and We Can Do it Again)” was the first to receive air play. Three nights later — on December 10 — his brother-in-law Eddie Cantor sang it on his radio variety show

It was “more upbeat and less vicious” than tunes that followed — “a reminder of the country’s effort to make the world safe for democracy a generation before, and an acknowledgment of the work that lay ahead.”


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  1. Dan you did it again the perfect musical accompaniment for the times.
    Thanks for the reminder.