Pierce Brown’s Stocking Stuffer

Looking for a special stocking stuffer?

How about one designed by someone local — say, a 13-year-old Westporter?

Say too that the young entrepreneur is giving a portion of the profits to charity.

And he offers his creation online, so you can order any time. Like right now!

The gift is a homemade “anti-gravity finger surfboard.” It’s a miniature board that kids use to surf air currents and wind out of a car window.

The anti-gravity finger surfboard.

It’s the brainchild of Pierce Brown. He designed, prototyped and found suppliers all by himself.

He thought he might sell a dozen. Now — thanks to Etsy — he’s beyond 500. Orders have come from 48 states. (What’s wrong, Alaska and North Dakota?!)

Pierce Brown

The Fairfield Country Day School 8th grader now spends every spare minute cutting grip tape, drilling holes in surfboards and attaching them to leather straps.

He’s hired an assistant to keep up with demand. (Okay, it’s his sister. Still …)

Pierce is donating a large part of the proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Foundation. It’s his idea. His grandfather — Pierce’s larger-than-life hero who piloted air ambulance jets around the world, sky dove, waterskied barefoot and told outrageous bedtime stories — suffers from the disease.

This is not Pierce’s first venture. At age 3 he sold lemonade and cookies. At 10, he had a dog walking and leaf raking business.

Now he’s back at work, with his anti-gravity finger surfboard. Click here to make your kids —  and Pierce, and Alzheimer’s researchers — happy.

Pierce Brown and his grandfather, several years ago.


10 responses to “Pierce Brown’s Stocking Stuffer

  1. Rebecca Ellsley

    Very cute and great job best of luck

  2. This is so moving and uplifting.Lovely picture of my dear friend Sid.I have so many great memories of him.

  3. Kathryn Sirico

    Wishing you continued success Pierce! Enterprising family……

  4. Pierce, you are what we like to call in the business world an “earner.” Such an incredible trait for a young man. You’re future looks quite bright!

  5. This is fabulous! I just ordered three. This will be a favorite gift for my nephews and I love it even more supporting Alzheimer’s research. I’ve known too many to suffer the ravages of this disease. Thank you Pierce!

  6. Ray O'Sullivan

    It is Sky DIVED, not dove, Dove is a bird! !

  7. Ray O'Sullivan

    I hope they are Bio-degradable. Because I can see a ton of these falling off of uncoordinated kids (and adults) and littering our roadsides! ! !

  8. Ray O'Sullivan

    OOPS. I did not see the strap attached to the board. Cool Idea! ! !

  9. Amazing, Pierce! way to go!!