Unsung Heroes #168

Even before COVID, it was our mantra: “Buy local.”

Since the pandemic, we’ve paid even more attention to the importance of supporting the men and women who — against ever-more daunting odds — make this town go.

They stock stuff we need. They employ our kids and grandparents. They support every school and civic fundraiser. They answer our calls. They know our names.

And — this is really cool — they support each other. I posted this story last weekend, but it might have gotten lost over the holiday. So here it is again:

There’s a new Christmas tree on Main Street, right next to the old Tavern on Main restaurant. But it’s more than just a handsome holiday sight.

Annette Norton — owner of the nearby Savvy + Grace gift shop — works with the Ralphola Taylor Charity, a YMCA community center serving low-income Bridgeport children. They earn points for good behavior during after-school activities, then redeem those points at the center’s Holiday Store by buying presents for their families.

Annette Norton and the Christmas tree, near Savvy + Grace.

In return for purchasing a gift for the Ralphola Taylor Charity, Annette will personalize a white dove ornament with the donor’s name, and hang it on the tree.

Gifts can be bought 3 ways:

  • At Savvy + Grace (next to the former Tavern on Main restaurant)
  • Online (at checkout, just choose free delivery to the charity)
  • Purchase something from any other local store, then drop it off at Savvy + Grace. What a great way to support all Westport merchants, and kids in Bridgeport.

Donations are accepted now through Monday, December 7.

How great that Annette wants you to purchase a gift at any local store. And how wonderful that she’s a local merchant.

Which is why Annette Norton — and all Westport business owners, struggling but still giving in this holiday season — are this week’s Unsung Heroes.

(Do you know an Unsung Hero? Email dwoog@optonline.net)

6 responses to “Unsung Heroes #168

  1. debbieomalley

    Annette is awesome! I found a bunch of wonderful stuff there last week for many different people. Great stocking stuffers too. So happy to support her, she is an integral part of Main Street.

  2. Joanne Heller

    Annette makes shopping for Rafeloa Taylor so easy. I also found a lot of other gifts for friends and family in her store.

  3. Amy Schneider

    Annette is the best! She is so friendly. She makes time to talk to her customers about their lives, and when I go into her store I feel like I’m entering my personal boutique. She knows exactly what I’m looking for.The variety of gifts in her store is impressive. I didn’t know about the charity. It makes me like her even more!

  4. Ciara Webster

    Annette is wonderful, I was so happy as the new owner on the block ( tavern on main) to be able to support her with power for that gorgeous tree. And supporting ralphola Taylor, such a worthy cause not just at the holidays but always.

    Many unsung heroes are out there. Thank you Dan for reminding us. They do not get enough thanks

  5. Points for “good behavior”? What the hell is “good behavior” and who is the arbiter of that illusive bench mark…what nonsense…what utter, insultng nonsense!

  6. J. Scott Broder

    Annette epitomizes what community, kindness, cleverness and
    Community is supposed to be👍🏼
    My wife and I were at Savvy & Grace yesterday buying gifts, catching up on downtown’s upcoming positive changes and feeling the wonderful humanity and holiday spirit that this time of year should be; especially now during this pandemic! We need to support our wonderful special town of Westport! To feel good, explore uniquely creative gifts 🎁 shop local! Support our Westport visit Annette and other local merchants🙏🏼❤️🎄