New Medical Office Proposed For Julian’s Plaza

The sign says that Saugatuck Grain & Grape is moving to 1460 Post Road. A few doors down in the same shopping plaza, Julian’s is a popular restaurant

But beer, wine, pizza and pasta may not be on the menu for long. Plans are afoot to redevelop nearly all of what is officially (but never called by anyone) “Greens Farms Plaza.”

The entire 3,654-square foot building — with the exception of the Bluepoint Wellness medical marijuana dispensary — would be converted to medical offices. That use is permitted in the existing General Business District location.

1460 Post Road East. Rio Bravo restaurant closed this summer.

The applicant — Chicago-based ROA Investments LLC — also proposes “a substantial and attractive upgrade” to the exterior. Along with a glass-enclosed entrance and enhanced landscaping, the front drive would be reconfigured.

The Architectural Review Board has voted unanimously to recommend
approval of the building design to the Planning & Zoning Commission.

9 responses to “New Medical Office Proposed For Julian’s Plaza

  1. So not nice of Saugatuck Wine to open right across the street from Castle Wines. They won’t get my business

  2. To be fair, SGG was just (I believe) a Fall pop-up and Julian’s has not seemed nearly as busy as I had expected since opening – though, obviously, COVID has had a terrible impact on restaurants of all sorts. Rio Bravo, at the same plaza, was another restaurant casualty of COVID.

    Having lived twenty-five years on the cul-de-sac behind this Greens Farms Plaza and the former Roger’s Septic, the conversion of both of these properties to things more… stable (a small apartment complex, medical offices) is largely welcomed by the neighbors!

  3. Is that Mills Street behind Greens Farms Plaza? Is that the cul de sac you’re referring to? I’m trying t get my bearings here. Or are you referring to Cottage Lane?

  4. Chris, You live on Cottage Lane? At one time I knew everyone on that street- Matis, Kulis, Holda, Brown, Chappa, Adolph Backiel etc

    • I’m in the old Kulis house. There are still a few of those families with houses on the block. Small world!

  5. I left one off- Joe Rutski

  6. My father’s sister married John Holda. Vicky Kulis was John Holda’s sister, and Ed Holda was John Holda’s brother. Ed and Star Holda lived in the red house on the right as you came down the hill of Cottage Lane. I literally knew everyone on that street at one time. One family I didn’t name because I can’t remember the last name.

  7. Isabelle Breen

    Where will Julian’s go? They’ve been a staple take-out for us since the pandemic.