Unsung Hero #166

We’re closing in on 9 months since the pandemic first struck Westport.

It’s almost time for a kid conceived those first nights — after schools, the library, the Y and Town Hall closed — to be born.

In that time, Westporters have:

  • Sewed and distributed masks
  • Collected food for pantries here and throughout Fairfield County
  • Painted inspiring messages on posters, sheets and rocks
  • Supported their children in the difficult, ever-changing world of remote and hybrid learning — and supported their children’s teachers too
  • Gone out of their way to support (and appreciate) local merchants and restaurants
  • Provided a host of entertainment opportunities, from a pop-up theater to socially distanced concerts and virtual galas
  • Delivered groceries, medicines and supplies to locked-down, quarantined neighbors, friends and strangers
  • Done countless other things, large and small, to make life a little better for all.

The next few weeks — months? — may be the toughest of all.

The weather is turning cold. We’re spending more time indoors — the most dangerous spot for transmission. We’re suffering from mask fatigue, social distancing fatigue, Zoom fatigue. We’ll miss so many holiday traditions, so much fun.

This might be the darkest winter of our lives. But we’re here. We’ve made it through nearly 9 months, when in the beginning we didn’t know if we could make it to April.

So here’s to us. We — all of Westport — are this week’s Unsung Heroes.

Enjoy the honor. But don’t forget: Wear a mask.

11 responses to “Unsung Hero #166

  1. Roseann Spengler

    Thank you Dan. You’re the best!

  2. Yes! Thank you Dan. Thank you for the inspiration. Thank you Westport.

  3. Goodonya, Dan! Stay safe.

  4. Judith Marks-White

    Thanks, Dan, for making us all the Unsung Heroes, and to you, for helping to keep our spirits aloft during this challenging time.

  5. Dan: I think you meant to say “to make life a little better for all.”

  6. Great perspective, Dan! Thanks for all you do!

  7. Dan, thanks for just being you, and for all that you do for everyone!

  8. Hedi Lieberman


  9. Linda Grabill Parker

    Dan , this post is so thoughtful – thanks , from a suburban city dweller who appreciates your interest and kindness to all Westporters . Happy Thanksgiving , and please – stay safe !

  10. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Thanks for the comforting words, Dan. I think we all did much better than we thought we could do. But, we still are cranky and bored from the same old same old… Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Carry on and keep smiling!