Turn Your Clocks Back. It’s Restaurant Savings Time!

Earlier this month, we pushed clocks back an hour. Just what we needed: another hour in 2020!

But here’s a time-shifting effort we can all get behind.

Today, the Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce rolls out “Restaurant Savings Time.” Encouraging diners to eat earlier is a way to help restaurants cope with the governor’s executive order closing businesses at 9:30.

Some restaurants could lose an entire seating of patrons — particularly on weekends. So, the Chamber says, everyone should eat one hour earlier than usual.

If everyone is on board — and at their tables — every eatery would benefit.

“Have a great dinner at 6:15 instead of 7:15 is the request. I am confident Westporters will respond, ” says Chamber executive director Matthew Mandell.

“It’s all about flexibility and a desire to adapt to a new situation, while still enjoying what our town as to offer.”

Flyers and posters will go up at restaurants. The logo — designed by Miggs Burroughs (of course!) — will be posted on social media.

“Restaurant Savings Time is a great idea. Support your local restaurants and dine a littler earlier, but also be sensitive to leave time to those coming after you,” said Tarantino owner Frank Marchetti. “We will get through this together.”

The new initiative follows BYOB: Bring Your Own Blanket. That Chamber project urges diners to stay warm while dining outdoors. Click here for more information, and a list of restaurants offering outdoor dining.

11 responses to “Turn Your Clocks Back. It’s Restaurant Savings Time!

  1. can anyone tell me what the logic is to that order? You’d think more hours and spread out the diners would be the move here.

    • Not sure, but I’ve heard that the logic behind closing bars is that because people’s inhibitions lower the more they drink, there is a greater likelihood of not wearing masks or keeping social distance later at night. I’m just reporting that … I make no value judgments!

      • Thanks, Dan. I guess that must be it. Not a lot of logic to that logic. Close the bars or don’t, but trying to have it both ways is counterproductive.

  2. What is the CT governor’s magic of 9:30 PM⁉️

  3. Maybe CT should have ‘designated driver’ type dining areas. If you’re not imbibing you can stay until closing! Or better yet, bring back prohibition! Lamont is a joke.

  4. How many restaurants in Westport were ever open past 930pm besides pizza places?

  5. Great logo Miggs🙏🇺🇸

  6. Last Saturday night’s COVID-related closing of one of the most popular restaurants in town might suggest that there are good reasons for rolling back hours and capacity.

    That said, this also shows how COVID-fatigue can overwhelm folks. It was always going to be difficult to backtrack if/when we saw new spikes – and the negative response of many is showing just that.

    The biggest difficulty in dealing with COVID has been a false dichotomy spewed by the CODIDiots that it is “either health or the economy.” One can only imagine that if an appropriate national approach to this crisis had happened from the start, we could have avoid the record number of cases and hospitalizations that the nation is seeing now. Our health and the health of the economy would have both been better off.