Veterans Day, 2020

Among the many things the coronavirus has taken from us: the chance to honor our veterans.

Town Hall is traditionally the site of Westport’s Veterans Day observance. There are speeches — including one by a Staples High School student headed into the service — and the presentation of colors.

It is a moving and meaningful morning.

COVID has forced changes in today’s ceremony. It’s outdoors at VFW Post 399, and attendance is limited.

But Westport’s veterans are flexible. They know how to improvise, solve problems, overcome obstacles. Though most of us are not there to honor them in person, every member — from the dwindling number who served in World War II, through Korea and Vietnam, into Iraq and Afghanistan, and all who were there in peacetime too — should know that our town honors recognizes their service, appreciates their sacrifice, and owes them a debt of gratitude we can never repay.

Here are a few images, from Veterans Day 2019:

Veterans Day sunrise.

Color guard.

Veterans salute during the national anthem,

Staples High School senior Colin Corneck spoke at Town Hall. He is now in his first year at the US Naval Academy.

Capt. John Murtagh, UMSC, and 3rd grade teacher Amy Murtagh celebrated Veterans Day 2019 at Greens Farms Elementary School. (Photo/Jenn Falik)

Veterans at Greens Farms Elementary School. (Photo/Jenn Falik)

A Bedford Middle School student thanks a vet. (Photo/January Stewart)

Veterans at Bedford Middle School. (Photo/Bob Fitzpatrick)

Leonard Everett Fisher, at Bedford Middle School. (Photo/January Stewart)

Jay Birnberger, with a plastic helicopter made for him by a Bedford Middle School student. (Photo/Molly Alger)

8 responses to “Veterans Day, 2020

  1. Dan, Thank you for opening up the blog with this Veteran’s Day tribute. We can’t thank these men and women for their service, dedication, and sacrifice for our freedom. Thank you all who have served this great nation and allowed us to have the freedoms we have today.

  2. No, caronavirus hasn’t taken my chance to honor our veterans away. I honor them today and everyday. Land of the free because of the brave!

  3. Michael Calise

    Thank You Dan,
    Every serviceman and women deserves our heartfelt appreciation for their sacrifices and accomplishments in the service to our country.,

  4. Carl Addison Swanson

    As a Vietnam VET, I can speak to this issue. We VETS did our sworn duty to serve our country, no thanks is in order. That said and while they seemingly have cleaned up some of the VA hospitals and mandated a very progressive educational program, nearly 22 post-911 VETS are committing suicide a DAY!!! Plenty of reform is needed and not just on one day a year.

  5. Thanks for this article, Dan. Support for our veterans is something we can all get behind in these divided times.

  6. Carl Addison Swanson

    Thank you Mark but with 17.4 million VETS still alive and only 77 VETS in our Congress now, not a priority. Sad.

  7. Your captions don’t show the entire caption. Ususally only getting 3/4 of the caption