Pic Of The Day #1299

The Remarkable Theater — the pop-up drive-in at the Imperial Avenue parking lot — was the surprise hit of summer (and fall).

Carloads of families and friends (no more than 5 per vehicle!) “thronged” the site (though never too close to each other). They enjoyed classic and relatively new films: comedies, action, romance.

There were special events too, including fundraisers (with videos), and a special showing of the Staples High School boys’ soccer team match at Norwalk (we won).

At the same time, the Remarkable Theater provided employment for people with disabilities. It was a win-win-win.

Today the big screen was dismantled. We hope it will be back next year.

And after COVID is vanquished (wear your mask!), every parking space can be filled. 

(Photo/Amy Schneider)

One response to “Pic Of The Day #1299

  1. To my knowledge – this incredible business was put together by Stacie Curran and her amazing friends. There is a lot more to that story too – but – these women and what they’ve accomplished.
    Many hurdles from what I understand too! So – congratulations!! Well done! We went once and had a blast!!!