Westport Wash & Wax Is Sold To Splash

Westport is blessed with many community-minded local businesses. Topping any list is Westport Wash & Wax.

For 21 years, the Post Road car wash near Long Lots Road has exemplified the importance of local roots. The walls are covered with letters of thanks from charities, organizations and individuals who benefited from owners Scott and Laila Tiefenthaler’s generosity. No request was too small — or too large — for them to oblige.

Their employees have been great too. Hard-working, efficient, and always willing to go beyond, they sparkled just like our cars.

But not the Tiefenthalers are moving on. They say:

To all of our friends and patrons in Westport, Weston, Fairfield and surrounding communities:

After more than 20 years — since opening in 1999, –the time has come to move on to other endeavors.

Our business has been sold to Splash Car Wash. Rest assured, the same professional staff will provide the same friendly service you have come to expect at Westport Wash & Wax.

Homes With Hope CEO and president Jeff Wieser (in jacket) with (front, from left) Laila, Scott and Craig Tiefenthaler, and some of their dedicated employees, at one of Westport Wash & Wax’s many “Neighbor” ceremonies.

To our many faithful customers: Thank you for your continued patronage over the years. We have come to know many of you as friends, and hope to see you around town in the future.

We especially want to thank the managers and staff of Westport Wash & Wax for their hard work and positive attitudes that they bring to the job every day. Many of you have been with the company for 15 or 20 years. You are our brothers and sisters. You are family.

To our friends in the police and fire departments, EMS, public works and all the folks who help to make our towns safe and orderly: Thank you for your efforts.  We are all fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the world.

Health and peace to everyone,
Scott and Laila Tiefenthaler

(In August 2019, Westport Wash & Wax was “06880”‘s Unsung Heroes. Click here for that story.)

9 responses to “Westport Wash & Wax Is Sold To Splash

  1. Was that the former Slez and Benos garage from the 1960s next to the Clam Box?

  2. Too bad! Westport Wash & Wax is a terrific operation, but Splash is not.

  3. I find that Splash in Norwalk has gone down Hill . Thats why I switched over to Westort Wash & Wax

  4. I like Westport Wash & Wax and the local owners; sad to see them leave. But I don’t view the turnover to Splash as a necessarily bad outcome; they’re a CT business, and I’ll take handwashing over machine all day long (I’m a car nut kind of guy). Plus they are keeping the W&W employees!

  5. Will be sorry to see this business change ownership. It was first class in every respect. There was nothing better than driving in with a filthy car and seeing Scott working hard to make sure all was taken care of. However the greatest thing was seeing the employees with a smile on their faces and seeing the same smiling faces year after year.
    Scott and Laila are real assets to this community and have donated and sponsored so many worthy causes.
    I wish them well and hope they stay in the Westport area for years to come.

  6. We wish our friends Laila and Scott all the best for 21 Years of amazing service. Like those who have commented above….I am also a “crazy car but” and left Splash after 1 wash with a huge scratch from a pebble caught in a rag. They refused to acknowledge the problem and Scott and Laila had just opened! Never looked back. The second I do not see any great employee being dr

    • ….as I was saying before I sent the last post…The second I see they do not treat the amazing dedicated staff correctly…I will go elsewhere. Westport Wash and Wax was about the Tiefienthaler’s and their dedication to their staff! Let’s see how long the Employee Honor wall lasts!

  7. David Matthews

    Splash is a terrible operation, there all about the numbers and trying to get properties, they have tried to get other car washes and the owners have just laughed. They say the will keep the employees to seal the deal but they will bring in there underpaid staff who reuses dirty wash mits and scratches cars never owning up to the issue.