Turnout Steady Throughout The Day

Steady turnout continued throughout the day, at Westport’s 5 polling places.

At 3 p.m., 7,010 voters had cast ballots in person. That’s on top of approximately 8,000 absentee ballots collected earlier.

Greens Farms Elementary School saw the highest turnout: 1,597 voters. Following closely behind were Saugatuck Elementary (1,569), Long Lots Elementary (1,542) and Coleytown Elementary (1,534). All 4 sites include 2 RTM districts.

The Westport Library — where only District 9 votes — saw 768 voters.

Polls close at 8 p.m. To find your polling place, click here.

Coleytown Elementary School, early today.2020  (Photo/Dan Donovan)

5 responses to “Turnout Steady Throughout The Day

  1. Janette Kinnally

    Anyone know how many people are registered in Westport? And how many people live in Westport in 2020.

    • Hello Janette, just had same question myself. The population of Westport, per the state coronavirus updates, is 28,115. I have the voter registration figures for the 2018 midterms and 2016 Presidential election below.

  2. In 2018 midterm elections and CT Gubernatorial election, there were 14,265 voters out of 18,867 registered Westport voters (75.61% turnout). For 2016 Presidential election the figures are 15,835 voters out of 18,499 registered voters (85.60%) turnout. Does anyone have recent voter registration numbers for Westport? We won’t know actual figure for this election yet cause CT, as I understand it, is a state that allows Election Day voter registration.

  3. Trump 2020

  4. Kristan Hamlin

    Thank you to our poll workers, Westport clerk’s office, activists, phone bankers and WPD for all your hard work!