Roundup: Karen Romano, Halloween, More

Karen Romano retired yesterday, after more than 30 years at Staples High School. She worked in the library, special education, and as the invaluable, loyal and wonderful secretary to the principal.

In fact, she worked with 7 Staples principals — and made them all look good.

Ah, the stories she could tell!

Karen Romano

COVID and the cold will limit trick-or-treating tonight.

But that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of creative costumes.

For instance, 8-year-old Julian Hinojos is a recycling container. He’s got a solar panel hat, and a costume made out of recycled materials found around the house (and in the recycling container).

Julian’s dad works in solar energy. Julian too is very concerned about the environment. He will make sure none of his candy goes to waste!

Julian Hinojos (Photo/Hilary Nordholm)

Some homes will welcome trick-or-treaters tonight. Others will just keep the lights off.

Here’s one creative way to say “sorry, we’d love to have you — just not this year!”

(Photo/Lee Emery)

The other day, “06880” gave a shout-out to a group of swimmers. For nearly 30 years, they’ve met at Compo Beach — at 6 .m. They swim a mile or so — and they do it from May to November.

Yesterday, before dawn, they celebrated Halloween. I’m surprised no one wore a costume from “Frozen.” (Hat tip: Paula Koffsky)

(Photo/Markus Marty)

And finally … trick or treat! NOTE: This is “Jumpin’ Gene Simmons,” NOT the lead singer of Kiss.

4 responses to “Roundup: Karen Romano, Halloween, More

  1. Karen is one of the best and I certainly enjoyed knowing her while I was at Staples. I always admired her ability to juggle a multitude of balls. Best of luck, Karen.

  2. For a superior rendition of Haunted House, Google the version by Roy Buchanan and the Snakestretchers. Killer guitar solo.

  3. Nancy Gerard Yates

    Fran is so right. “Ms. Romano” – as we knew her – was a master juggler – and always with a smile! In many ways, she was the heart of Staples.

    Happy retirement, Karen!