Halloween 2020: Town Issues Guidelines

Both Fairfield and Norwalk are now “red” communities: Each has at least 15 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 residents.

Westport is “gray.” We have fewer than 5 cases per 100,000.

But Halloween looms. What does that mean for next Saturday’s trick-or-treating? In recent years, hordes of kids — from this town, and elsewhere — have swarmed Westport’s densest neighborhoods. High on the list: Compo Beach.

In an effort to “protect the health and safety of Westport residents, and keep our schools open,” town officials will close Compo to parking at 3 p.m. Only marina slip holders will be allowed in.

These kids are not wearing masks. That’s okay — the photo is from 2014.

“Parents are encouraged to keep all trick-or-treaters in their own neighborhoods, and are strongly discouraged from allowing trick-or-treating in areas that draw a crowd,” says 1st Selectman Jim Marpe.

He adds:

The Centers for Disease Control considers traditional trick-or-treating to be a high-risk activity, and should be avoided. It recommends alternatives for celebrating the holiday with lower risk activities and small events that allow for reduced exposure and ease of contact tracing.

If you decide to participate in trick-or-treating, it is strongly recommended that it be done with increased precautions. A surgical mask must be worn. The CDC advises against wearing decorative masks over surgical masks. Trick or treaters should be aware that if a home is darkened, it is likely not partaking in Halloween festivities and that decision should be respected. Limit the amount of homes visited.

Click for Halloween guidelines from the state Department of Public Health.

4 responses to “Halloween 2020: Town Issues Guidelines

  1. Betty Lou is a Westport legend and is a symbol of everything that makes our town so wonderful and welcoming to all. Three cheers for Betty Lou.

  2. Raymond O'Sullivan

    I wish Westport was a Red community, however from what I read, it is still deeply entrenched in Leftist beliefs! How sad.

  3. Arline Gertzoff

    Three cheers for Betty Lou for her compassion for helping others all these years. I am a 64 year resident and can assure Mr.Sullivan his information is not correct Until the 70’s Westport was a solidly GOP town The influx of newcomers many from NY NJ and more Dem leaning municipalities has altered the dynamics along with a younger population That being said the majority are liberal/not radical or socialists/and leaning unaffiliated the preferred term to an independent which is a small party in CT