Unsung Hero #162

Randy Herbertson is president of the Westport Downtown Merchants Association. He writes:

Jacqui Bidgood has been an on-and-off resident of Westport for over 15 years, and WDMA events director for 4. Under her very capable management we have hosted many well-attended events, from the Fine Arts Festival to Westoberfest and Fashionably Westport. All have contributed to the relevance of our  downtown district.

Additionally Jacqui has spearheaded the selection and management of our beautiful summer baskets, working with local growers, as well as our 2020 barrel program. Both further enhanced the public and private beautification of the area.

Jacqui Bidgood, with Fine Arts Festival volunteers.

When the pandemic struck and our big events could no longer happen, Jacqui rose to the challenge to show our community the DMA could mount safe events that would continue to attract local residents (and our many new transplants) to our stores and restaurants, in a much-needed time.

In barely 6 weeks, Jacqui will have made three diverse events happen: Fitness & Wellness Day, Fall Fashion Day (replacing the traditional sidewalk sale), and Family Pumpkinfest (replacing the Halloween parade).

All this took many hours of planning, close collaboration with town officials, and tireless effort to secure sponsors that enable these events to run well — and for free.

Her great attention to detail, tenacity and creative problem solving have turned all these ideas into welcome reality.

Randy is right. These events did not just happen. They happened in large part thanks to this week’s Unsung Hero, Jacqui Bidgood.

11 responses to “Unsung Hero #162

  1. Go Jacqui! You and the rest of the DMA team have been tireless in your creativity and willingness to try new things to bring notice to the downtown we all love! Keep bringing it!

  2. Jacqui Bidgood

    Thank you for this call out…..can’t do a thing without a great team – go WDMA! I’m honored.

  3. I fully agree. The planning and execution of these events have been highly professional and Jacqui completely merits the credit noted in Dan’s article.

  4. Well done, Jacqui! Thank you for keeping downtown Westport looking so beautiful!

  5. Totally Agree! Thank you Jacqui!!

  6. Jacqui is amazing and works her butt off for this town. We are very lucky!! Thank you Jacqui for all you are doing.

  7. What a treasure you are, Jacqui, and a delight to work with! Thanks for all you do for the community.

  8. Judith Marks-White

    So nice to hear. Yay to Jacqui.

  9. Mike Naughton

    I applaud Jacqui Bidgood for her efforts and the difference they make. I moved to Westport in 1966 – it is a disgrace what the DMA has allowed to happen to Main Street which once was the heart and soul of the community.

  10. Barbara Sweeney

    Thank you Jacqui for all your hard work and efforts…. so much appreciated by all!!

  11. Andrea Berkley

    Thank you, Jacqui! Westport is very lucky to have you!