Pic Of The Day #1283

Halloween spider on Yankee Hill Road (Photo/Mary Sikorski)

6 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1283

  1. Elizabeth Yoder

    I love it! Thanks.

  2. Wilson Heather

    Thank is really freaky! Good for All Hallows Eve

  3. Wilson Heather

    Ooops That is really freaky!

  4. Stacie Waldman

    my son, Jaden, would love to know all about this spider. Is it home made? Was it a prop for something? Where do they store it, as it’s huge! What materials were used to make it (He can see PVC pipes)? Would be a great, independent piece, Dan!

    • Hey Stacie/Jaden, I’m glad you like the spider. I am a family member who does this as a new business (as my other work disappeared from COVID. I made this for this halloween, and although I’ve done other projects before I’ve never done something of this size with the ability to come apart and withstand the weather. Jaden is correct I used PVC pipes as skeletal support for the legs and so they could slide into the body and be bolted together, spider comes apart in pieces (all the legs come off and the front head and the back abdomen can be separated). There is a wood frame inside the body and everything is covered in foam and then sealed with mortar paint, paint and polyurethane. If Jaden needs more info to make his own creation I’m happy to educate and can be reached at my new company Creative Installations, perry@creativeinstallation.net Happy Halloween!

  5. This spider is specifically terrifying at night. Kudos to the family who put this up, and the other decorations on their property.