Photo Challenge #303

Who knew where last week’s photo of a carved owl was? (Click here to see.)

Susan Iseman, Jennifer Piseck and Elaine Marino, that’s “who.”

It’s at Earthplace. It’s just one small part of a magnificent, sometimes overlooked Westport facility. If you haven’t been to the science, conservation and education center off off Stony Brook Road, click here — then check it out in person.

This week’s Photo Challenge shows a different bit of nature. If you know where in Westport you’d see this watery scene, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Bob Weingarten)

25 responses to “Photo Challenge #303

  1. Steps down to the saugatuck river – near downtown

  2. downtown behind Jesup Green by the river is the ramp down to the river to get on a boat or feed the ducks

  3. Outside the library

  4. Stairs to Saugatuck River, Downtown,
    south of the bridge.

  5. Saugatauk River near the library

  6. Easy :). Adjacent to lower library parking lot on the Saugatuck.

  7. Stairway down to the river at Jesup Green / Library.

  8. Michelle Scher Saunders

    Saugatuck River by the library.

  9. Andrew Colabella

    Kayak boat launch outside of westport library adjacent to lower parking lot

  10. Stephanie Ross

    Saugatuck River near the library

  11. Michael Calise

    steps to the Saugatuck

  12. The approximate location of the future home of the taxpayer financed “town dock and floating restaurant barge” – and adjacent to the taxpayer financed “adventure water park”. Source: Downtown Westport Masterplan. I know, it’s hilarious. Especially now. But don’t laugh too much; we paid for that stupid plan.

  13. By the library. On edge of the river.,

  14. Saugatuck River near the Library.

  15. Access to Saugatuck River downtown (near Library/Parker-Harding/…).

  16. Thank you @Morley Boyd. Always wondered why those steps were there! Is the report available online?

    • You’re welcome, Bill. Yes, the Plan, such as it is, may be found by digging deep into Notwithstanding the fact that officials meet regularly with the intent of implementing the Plan’s ideas – no matter how ill conceived or wasteful they may be – I suspect the present leadership would actually prefer that the whole thing be quietly placed on a shelf. Along with all the other “plans”.

  17. Saugatuck river near the library Walkway wall

  18. Jonathan McClure

    Steps down to river by library

  19. ..Jesup Green….steps going to the east side of the Saugatuck River

  20. Amy Schneider

    The ramp along the Saugatuck River near Jesup Green and the riverwalk where many ducks sunbathe.

  21. Next to the lower library parking lot

  22. Saugatuck south of the Post Rd. by the library

  23. This might have been the easiest Photo Challenge ever. Yep, it’s the steps leading to the Saugatuck River, at the Riverwalk by the Westport Library. Next week, it’s back to a tough one!

  24. Suzanne Raboy

    Down by the river beside the library.