Roundup: Cidny Bullens, Car Seats, Palmball, More

Cidny Bullens just released his 9th country album, “Walkin’ Through the World.”

It’s his first record in a decade — and his first as a man.

The Washington Post recently profiled the trans artist. The story described his life as Cindy, including singing with Elton John and Kiki Dee on “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” and her marriage to Dan Crewe — brother of Four Seasons producer Bob Crewe.

The article also mentions the couple’s 2 daughters, Reid and Jessie, and their move to Westport in the 1980s.

“Crewe and Bullens were close friends in a monogamous marriage, but their relationship wasn’t easy,” the Post says. “Crewe was gay. Bullens felt trapped behind the wheel of a minivan.”

Click here for the full, fascinating story. (Hat tip: Fran Taylor)

Amy Schneider spotted this sign yesterday downtown. The free car seat checks were courtesy of the Westport Police Department, in the parking lot by their headquarters.

Our men (and women) in blue take their motto — “to serve and protect” — to an entirely new level!

(Photo/Amy Schneider)

Move over, pickleball. Make way, spikeball. There’s a new new game in town: palmball.

The game was invented on Cape Cod in the 1990s. 18-year-old Steven Creelman forgot to bring a Kadima paddle to the beach. So he and a buddy picked up some flat rocks, and kept a tennis ball off the ground holding those.

Back home, he and his friends laid out a court with a garden hose, extension cord and rope. He pitched the game to the director of phys. ed. at the University of Massachusetts, where we was a student, and it became an actual gym class.

Rock paddle is dangerous, of course. So this summer — when he daughters got old enough — Creelman cut wood paddles to the same size.

They took the game to the beach. Combining tennis, volleyball, Kadima and spikeball, it was an instant hit.

On Saturday, there’s a palmball tournament at Evan Felcher’s house here. In 2018, he played on Staples High School’s state champion tennis team.

You heard it here first. (Hat tip: Ben Sturner)

And finally … Speaking of the Four Seasons (see above): Tommy DeVito, a member of that group even before Frankie Valli joined them, died Monday, from COVID-19. He was 92.

Here are the real Jersey Boys:

7 responses to “Roundup: Cidny Bullens, Car Seats, Palmball, More

  1. Was the spelling of Cidny an error?

  2. I just never saw a spelling like that, and Sidney did cross my mind. I get the Washington Post, but didn’t see the article this morning, although Dan provided it.

  3. Wow Cidny/Cindy Bullens! I hadn’t heard of her/him since I bought an incandescent album “Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth” (1999).She had lost her daughter to Hodgkin’s, and made an amazing 10-track disk, working through her grief. I’m happy to see that he has found happiness.

  4. Creagh Connors

    I saw Cidny Bullens in a one man show in Portland Maine about 2 years ago and was so moved by his story, and I left the theater feeling like I had made a new friend. Talented singer/songwriter/story teller/human!

  5. Wendy Crowther

    When Cindy lived in Westport, she joined the Westport Y and worked out in its Fitness Center – I was its director. Her Mick Jagger vibe fascinated me and I was enthralled by her female rocker chops and her entertaining personality. But, for many reasons, I couldn’t put those attributes together with the suburban-mom life she seemed to be leading at that time. I suspected there was something more beneath it all – a secret, an untold story. I still have the autographed photo and the cassette tape she gave me – that’s how much of an impression she made on me decades ago. I’m so happy that Cidny is living his truth and is still creating great music. He was a cool dude, both then and now.