Quite A Quintet: 71 Years Of Friendship And Fun

The other day, Patricia McMahon threw a party.

She had 5 guests. The youngest was 86 years old.

They started out as the Tuesday Night Club — in 1949. There were 10 women them. Some have moved; others died.

But — 71 years later — what a group they are!

Patricia’s mother, Jeanette McMahon — 89 — was a legal secretary. She’s known Angie Spanoghe — 90 — since they were 5 years old, in grade school.

Angie worked as a manager in South Norwalk. She’s planning a trip to Greece, once this stupid coronavirus has passed. (Patricia volunteered to be her chaperone.)

Patricia McMahon and Levon (front) with, from left: Angie Spanoghe, Judy Lamatta, Mary Toss, Elenor Bottler and Jeanette McMahon.

Mary Toss — 88, and a former legal secretary — was at the party. So was Elenor Bottler, 87, who grew up on Murvon Court by Compo Beach, and was a manager at Kiddytown in Norwalk.

The baby of the group — 86-year-old Judy Lamatta — worked as a secretary at Norwalk Hospital. All 5 retired in their early 80s.

Which gives them time to get together 3 times a week. They have dinner, or watch a movie at someone’s house. Except for Mary, who has vision problems, all still drive.

“These ladies have been in my life forever,” says Patricia. “They mean the world to me.

“I learn from them constantly. Their admiration and respect for each other is intoxicating. Plus, they are hilarious!

“They are fully aware of how unique they are, and the bond they have. They take nothing for granted.”

Let’s not take them for granted, either. To Jeanette, Angie, Mary, Elenor and Judy (and their combined 440 years): May you stay forever young.

Another shot, with Patricia’s husband Matthew Levine.

10 responses to “Quite A Quintet: 71 Years Of Friendship And Fun

  1. Wonderful inspiration!❤️💜♥️🎶🌺🌈😊

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  2. Kathryn Sirico

    Fabulous! May we all be as blessed

  3. …and, PS, Levon is one heck of a good dog too!

  4. Oh my gosh this is the cutest! Let’s start our own Tuesday night club! My high school girls and i plan to move to a plantation together when we are 80 🙂

  5. Sharon Kurtzman

    I love this group of women (few missing) they have been Aunts to me and my sisters, their kids have been life long friends (cousins) Thanks Patty. YES! they re forever young. Love Sharon Toss Kurtzman

  6. Love this story. And Patricia, that you have a dog named Levon. We did too.

  7. Leslie McMahon Gill

    Two of the current members not pictured are Jo Ryan and Lorraine Tavella. We all grew up with these fabulous women as “aunts” and a great group of “cousins”. Long live Tuesday Night Ladies Club❤️❤️

  8. Patricia McMahon

    Who needs OPRAH when we have
    Dan Woog!!
    Thank you for reading my post on IG and appreciating their unique bond and friendship.
    They ladies have all read this and are beyond touched and delighted .

  9. I love this! She should write a book!❤️

  10. What a wonderful glimpse into real friendship — for the long term. I love hearing stories like this. And I’ve wondered who this fine photographer, Patricia McMahon, is. Now I know!