Russ And Isabel Blair: No Stone Unturned

In 1954 a young couple bought a new home in Westport, near what is now Fresh Market. On April 16, they engraved their names on a stone.

Russ and Isabel Blair are still here. They’ve done a lot in their 6-plus decades in town, from EMS to local boards and commissions. She was a beloved Coleytown Elementary School nurse; he led many building projects, including the modern Staples High School.

As they raised their kids, moved to Woodside Avenue and enjoyed all that Westport offers, they forgot about that stone.

The Blairs’ stone.

But 66 years and 1 week from that date Carlos Colorado, his wife and young daughter moved to Westport.

While redoing their patio, they unearthed the stone. They thought about placing it somewhere prominent in their yard.

But after a quick Google search, they realized the Blairs are still alive. And still here.

Carlos posted that story on a local Facebook page. He asked anyone who knew the Blairs to please let them know.

“I am sure they would love to see this piece of their story and their memories, after so many years,” he wrote.

After 2/3 of a century in town, the Blairs are well known. Several people responded — including longtime EMT Mark Blake.

He’s known the couple for decades. He made the connection.

Mark Blake, with the stone.

Carlos showed Mark around his property — including the stone. Carlos cleaned it up, and invited the Blairs over to see “their” house.

“This is just another reason I love Westport, and am proud to serve the community,” Mark said. “These 2 families epitomize what Westport is.”

And on Friday, Carlos, his wife and daughter headed over to Woodside Avenue.

They heard all about life in Westport, when Eisenhower was president and the town was just starting to grow.

The Blairs and Colorados on Woodside Avenue, Friday afternoon.

“The Blairs are incredible people,” Carlos said. “They gave us a warm afternoon. Their strength and vitality left us amazed.

“I just hope that decades from now, my wife and I will be able to receive a young couple that happened to find a rock in the back yard of their recently purchased home in a quiet corner of Westport.

“And I hope we’ll be as bright, hearty and affection as the couple we met yesterday. In the meantime, I’ll take care of their house, as promised.”

10 responses to “Russ And Isabel Blair: No Stone Unturned

  1. Steven Halstead

    Russ and Isabel are simply the best. They have given so much to Westport.
    Russ for many years was the active and dependable and deeply knowledgeable professional who was involved in one Westport building project after another.
    Russ, thank you for always being there.

  2. Heartwarming story!

  3. Peter Saverine, Director of Philanthropy

    Thanks for sharing this heartwarming story. The Blair Family has been an avid supporter of the community and especially our neighbors with disabilities. Their daughter, Laura, single-handedly has raised tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of new friends in her grass roots efforts to support STAR, Inc., Lighting the Way for the annual Walk at Sherwood Island, while EMS made sure everyone was safe. STAR salutes the Blair family, too! It’s nice to know how their Westport story began.

  4. Russ and Isabel have been in Westport for quite a bit longer than “6-plus decades.” They were classmates at Staples, class of 1947. Nice story!

    • Thank you Peter. You are right concerning time in Westport. Isabel arrived in 1934 and I am a late comer in 1936 and was in Miss Coyle’s First grade class at Saugatuck School {on Bridge Street)

  5. Luisa Francoeur

    What a great story. It shows the circular nature of life with another young family moving to their old home and the many connections that are made.

  6. RuthAnn Ferris Durgy

    I remember Russ and Isabel from their long EMS affiliations with the WSPTEMS and the Norwalk Hospital. They are treasures as surely
    known by all who were privileged to meet them!
    RuthAnn Ferris Durgy

  7. And to add – today Isabel celebrates her 91st birthday. Very glad to know and to have worked alongside Russ & Isabel; true forces in our community. Amazing story.

  8. I think I remember the Blairs as I lived around the corner on Stoneybrook Rd. If I’m not mistaken, two of their older children were Tripp and DG.

  9. Mrs. Blair’s parents were Grace and John Matthews, both native Scots, as was my grandmother. They lived around the corner from us in Greens’ Farms. Grace was one of our early babysitters; John was a school crossing guard for years – he always said something funny but you had to listen closely because of the accent. They were kind loving and generous, as most Scots are. The Blair’s son Tripp was someone really cool I looked up to in high school, I think even painted our house. Many blessings