Unsung Hero #159

Jacques Voris writes:

I live in one of the houses on Hiawatha Lane owned by Felix Charney. It is one of the houses he wants to knock down to build a controversial housing development.

Felix Charney

When businesses started shutting down because of the pandemic, he was quick to offer to forgive the rent for April. He did the same in May and June. He even offered eggs from his farm.

Now he has lowered our rent substantially. That is a huge help in these tough times.

It puts my mind at ease knowing that I, my elderly mother,and son have a place to live. So no matter what people may think about his development plan, they should know that the man behind it isn’t the greedy, heartless monster some would paint him as being.

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11 responses to “Unsung Hero #159

  1. Gregoire R. Sideleau

    An old Peppermill boy. Worked with him there in the late 79 and 80, as I recall. Went by Tom back then.

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  2. Sandy Lefkowitz

    it is great to hear about the generosity of a builder; they too often are looked at as the enemy. they too are in business and we should not immediately question their motives and their understanding of the bigger picture.

  3. GREAT story Dan!!! Bravo as always

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  4. that’s SO nice-HE DESERVES THIS CREDIT– but maybe Mr Charney is counting on this largesse for support when he later on again proposes the Hiawatha development?……

  5. I worked for Felix for many years when we first moved to Westport and this story is not surprising in any way. Felix is always kind to those who need help and identifies with the underdog. So, no he did not do this to garner support for the Hiawatha project. A few months ago In the midst of our Jewish Family Service COVID food drives, our egg delivery fell through at the last minute and I knew Felix would bail us out. He donated all the eggs we needed from his farm (Little River Farm in Fairfield) and was so happy to do so. It’s so nice to see him getting some good press down on Hiawatha Lane.

  6. Kathleen Brannigan Fazio

    I worked for Felix for many years and count him as a very close friend who gave me my first job as a single mother with 2 young daughters. I am forever grateful for the help he gave me then and the career he helped me build and continues to help me build.

  7. Wreaks of a PR stunt!

    • Kathleen Fazio

      No- pretty sad comment. You have no idea the many kind and generous things he has done for many people including me over many years.

  8. No matter how generous and big hearted the developer is, does not change that a project of that size, does not belong in an already congested area.

    • The post is not about the development- it is about a person and a good deed. not everything has to be soured

  9. Sorry but it’s very hard to see it both ways. Sure, he’s probably a ‘kind and generous’ person that has helped many people in his path over the years. However, that does not change the fact that he’s hell-bent on literally decimating an entire Westport neighborhood for the sake of a development. What’s the reason? Ego? Clearly he doesn’t need the money. Why not just recognize it for what it would be, just awful and show some respect for those who live there and have to continually fight him on this. Wipe it off of your plate Mr. Charney and show everyone what the ultimate ‘good deed’ would be. That’s the ultimate example of a ‘hero’ and a good natured person.