Photo Challenge #298

It’s clear: The Gillespie Center is an integral part of Westport life.

The men’s shelter — across from police headquarters, behind the old Restoration Hardware (and before that, Fine Arts Theater) and, most intriguingly, around the corner from Tiffany — opened in April 1989. (For the previous 5 years, it was located at the Vigilant Firehouse on Wilton Road, now OKO restaurant.)

The Center — named after one of the founders, Dr. Jim Gillespie — had been the home of the Youth Adult Council and Westport Transit District. Long before that, it was a garage for the town Highway Department.

For over 30 years, the Gillespie Center has served as a shelter for homeless men. Run by Homes with Hope, the building includes a food pantry and Hoskins Place, a shelter for single women. The name honors Rev. Ted Hoskins, longtime Saugatuck Church pastor.

35 readers — possibly a record — quickly recognized Helen McAlinden’s photo as the Gillespie Center in last week’s Challenge. (Click here to see.)

The number of correct answers — 35 — may be an “06880” Photo Challenge record. So may be the fact that there were no incorrect guesses. What a tribute to Westport’s embrace of the Gillespie Center!

Congratulations to Matt Murray, Pat Porio, Lawrence Zlatkin, Gloria Gouveia, Mike Hibbard, Cindy Zuckerbrod, Ed Gerber, Elaine Marino, Suzanne Raboy, Rich Stein, Amy Schneider, Wendy McKeon, Peggy O’Halloran, Jan Carpenter, Karen Kramer, Pat Farmer, Molly Alger, Barry Cass, Jonathan McClure, Michelle Scher Saunders, Michael Calise, Ken Gilbertie, Seth Braunstein, Joyce Barnhart, Nancy Axthelm, Linda Amos, Gillian Anderson, John Moran, Vivian Rabin, Susan Yules, Tony Giunta, Pete Powell, Darcy Sledge, Joelle Malec and Bruce Salvo.

Can so many people also identify this week’s Photo Challenge? Probably not. It’s tougher.

So here’s a hint: It’s a former town athletic facility. If you know where in Westport you’d find this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Werner Liepolt)

15 responses to “Photo Challenge #298

  1. I think this is a case of home field advantage.

  2. Somewhere at Longshore.

  3. playing field behind what had been Saugatuck Elementary School

  4. Burr farms field ???

  5. Another easy one… this is the ball field behind the former Saugatuck School

  6. The lower field of the original Saugatuck Elementary School on Bridge Street.

  7. Original Saugatuck Elementary softball and soccer field. Previously used by WSA and Westport Girls LL when there was parking available at the closed Saugatuck Elementary.

  8. David Harrison, Rich Stein, Dan Vener and Tom Wall — sportsmen all — are correct. This is the small field next to the original Saugatuck Elementary School on Bridge Street (now senior housing). I’ll give credit to Fred Cantor too, whose cryptic comment (“home field advantage”) references both photographer Werner Liepolt’s home next to the field, and the fact that Fred has an apartment at The Saugatuck himself.

  9. Andrew Colabella

    Werner Liepolt’s backyard pretty much. Saugatuck baseball field behind 35 bridge street.

  10. Well after we have identified where it is, the people responsible for maintenance should read my 06880 contribution about invasive vines !

    • Agreed Darcy!
      All over Westport and Fairfield County.
      People need to get the vines and ivy off their trees.
      Vines kill trees which eventually ‘kill’ (take out) utility poles.
      The yarn wrapped around branches and trunks isn’t healthy for trees either…. Sorry to burst people’s bubble

  11. Winslow Park.

  12. This is a wild guess. Is this behind the town hall on Myrtle Avenue? It used to be an elementary school? I’ve been away from Westport for too long, but I’m wondering if that red building in the background is the former Barn of Estelle and Manny Margolis, split off from the property and sold many years ago?

    • Ha ha! I guess I should have read all the comments first! And, I should have gotten this one. I went to Saugatuck Elementary School, and lived just around the corner! (Albeit, 50 years ago.)