Roundup: 9/11 Babies, Gas, More

From time to time, “06880” has noted Hillary O’Neill. The Staples High School graduate — and daughter of Coleytown Middle School social studies teacher Glenn O’Neill — was born on September 11, 2001.

She and a number of other young people have embraced their now-infamous birthday, dedicating themselves to service on a day that is difficult to celebrate.

Yesterday, Politico ran a story headlined: “The Children of 9/11 Are About to Vote.” The piece explored what “the youngest cohort of American voters thinks about politics, fear and the potential of the country they’ve grown up in.”

Hillary — now an EMT and student — was one of the “9/11 babies” interviewed. Among her thoughts:

From what I understand, there’s a certain aspect of fear now that didn’t necessarily exist before. It’s weird when I talk to my parents and they say, “This is not what it was always like.

The country has done a very poor job of handling the pandemic. It’s exposed a lot of the disorganization and divisions in our country and in our government. The fact that we are so divided has prevented us from actually being able to move forward with anything. It’s just frustrating when you hear experts on the topic who have been preparing their whole lives for an event like this, and they’re not being listened to.

When I was younger, I always thought that in America there was equality—that everyone had rights and everyone had freedoms. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized although that’s the ideal, that’s not the truth.

As a young woman, the way that (President Trump) talks about women is very disheartening to me and a lot of my friends. To know that that’s the person who is supposed to represent your country is a very frustrating feeling. You would think that everyone looked down upon that. The fact that not everyone does is a very frustrating feeling.

I hope that my generation can bring back a sense of community to the country. That is really something that will allow us to accomplish more things and move forward as a country. Rather than just accepting something the way that it is—because that’s the way it’s always been or accepting certain institutions—people my age have grown up learning to challenge those. If you don’t agree with something, challenge it.

Click here for the full Politico story, with more comments by Hillary and others. (Hat tip: Kerry Foley)





The cost of many things goes up. The price of gas keeps dropping.

As Chip Stephens put out his state representative campaign signs yesterday, he noticed at least 3 gas stations charging less than $2 a gallon.

Now, if we only had someplace to go, other than around in circles …

(Photo/Chip Stephens)

And finally … Ronald Khalis Bell — a founder of Kool & the Gang — died Wednesday. He was 68. Let’s celebrate the group’s monster hit, which he wrote:

4 responses to “Roundup: 9/11 Babies, Gas, More

  1. If I were the young woman born on 9/11/01, I might add something positive like:

    “I’m incredibly grateful to have grown up in a place like Westport that affords me so many privileges and opportunities!”

  2. Gabriella Trudeau

    She’ll highlight what trump said off the record with a camera rolling, but won’t talk about all the inappropriate sniffing and touching by Biden whose served in office 49 years and suddenly is talking about campaigning and wanting change? The country did a poor job? It could’ve been a lot worse. Also, the lack of transparency and information from its homegrown country did not help either.

    Not everyone is innocent and great especially these two candidates. His running mate called him a racist and said to believe his accusers…well what now?

    If only we could back to the time after 9/11 where everyone embraced each others differences, everyone got along, no one got upset or angry when you told them your political beliefs, even the Red Sox and Yankees got along, and no one disrespected the flag, and were flown everywhere.

    Rather hear from someone that was directly impacted by 9/11 and not someone who just so happen to be born on that terrible day.

    • Thank you Gabriella. This ‘interview’ reads like Biden infomercial. And to think over those 19 years Obama was President for 8 of them. And not a mention about him from Hillary. I guess around here it’s all about, ‘privilege ’. How fitting.

  3. Mary Schmerker

    Dear Hillary, Thank you for all you said above. Many of us feel as you do about our current President and the current state of affairs. Do not be discouraged. Follow your heart of service which shines through in your words and your course to be an EMT. Ignore any negative comments. I am fortunate enough to volunteer with women who are in their mid 20’s to mid 30’s. Most of them feel they way you expressed yourself. Those women and you give me great hope for the future of our country. Dan, thank you for posting this.