Less Than Optimum Service

Mary Luvera is an Optimum customer. She is not pleased. She writes:

My family and I have lived in Westport for more than 10 years. Over that time we have probably paid Optimum more than $20,000 for a combination of phone, cable and internet service.

In early August we called to cancel our service, because we were moving. While other companies will prorate fees when you cancel service, Optimum said we would have to pay through the end of our billing cycle (September 15). We could have overlooked that.

Then on August 27 a tree fell, knocking out the cable line to our house. The next day we called Optimum to restore the cable line. We wanted it to be ready for our renters, and of course wanted the unsightly dangling cable line removed.

The tree that took out the cable line.

During that first frustrating call –waiting on hold forever; not hearing the representative well (what kind of headphones do they use?!); getting nonsensical responses — my husband was given a service date for Monday, August 31 between 8 and 11 a.m., for a service technician to arrive. We were told we had to be in the house to test the service.

We now live an hour from Westport. But on August 31, my husband was there, waiting for Optimum.

No one showed up.

He called Optimum and was informed that our appointment was moved to September 16 — the day after our service ends. No one told us the date had been changed. My husband wasted his time driving back and forth, spending hours like he was waiting for Godot.

A scene from “Waiting for Godot.”

My husband asked to speak to a supervisor, but was told no one was available. When he persisted, his call was dropped while being transferred.

He called back multiple times with similar results: being dropped at various times in the call. Optimum’s hold times are extremely long, so that is like a slap in the face.

Eventually, on August 31, he was assured that the appointment was moved to Saturday, September 5, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. My husband asked for a supervisor, to confirm the time. The person on the line could not transfer him to a supervisor, but said one would call him in 30 minutes. No one has called yet.

On Friday my husband called to confirm that the appointment was scheduled for yesterday (September 5). Surprise! He was told there was no appointment for September 5; our appointment is on September 16 (the day after our service ends).

My husband again asked for a September 5 service date. Finally, he was told someone would come then —  but it could be any time between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. Hope we don’t have plans for the long weekend!

Shortly after that interaction, my husband received an email (below) from Optimum. Note the sent date (Friday) and the scheduled appointment date (the day before).

I can’t be sure the cable line will ever be restored. And I can only imagine what will happen when we return our cable boxes!

In a followup email late Friday, Mary added this PS:

On his way home from work today, my husband received an automated call from Optimum confirming our appointment for September 5, from 10 p.m. to 8 p.m.

No, that’s not a typo. It’s what the recording said!

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  1. This story should be sent to the president of Optimum, and I suggest to the presidents of all optimum’s competitors in the area. Then this story should be sent to all the news media in the area. In my humble view, that would produce the most “optimum” way to get their attention.

    • Mary Schmerker

      Sounds like a plan to me although I am not involved. I would also, see remark farther down, go with Woog anything he sets his sights on. Good response time to problems, looks at everyone’s point and gives the best updates available.

    • A tornado destroyed my house. I paid Optimum $225 for the partial month and the upcoming month. I had three days of service before the tornado. I requested a refund. They granted me $25 and charged me $200.00 for three days. I think Optimum has the worst customer attitude. Incredibly poor telephone skills. I would choose almost any other provider but my service area doesn’t have another. Really disgraceful.

    • Sheldon Borker

      Welcome to the world of optimum
      I had a service call scheduled my wife stayed home all day. They went to the house next door left a sorry you were not home stickerand charged me $80 for a missed service call
      Needless to say asking for a supervisor is a joke they told me I had to pay it

  2. I feel your pain.
    I was without Optimum phone service 8/4-17 when, after three long phone calls to Optimum, a service technician did show to fix the issue. When I called 8/18 to ask for a credit for the time I was without a phone, I called a different number from their online site. Although I was communicating/texting with a person and although I stated my request immediately, the call/texting went back and forth for a little over two hours; it sounded scripted, with 4-5 minutes between what I would type and response which would go like this: Sorry for the wait, I was trying to verify…. thank you for your patience… I was granted a credit of $9.32.
    When I received my Optimum bill, I was charged $80 for the phone call minus $9.32.
    I emailed my state representative and senator and sent an email to PURA. My senator’s office contacted Optimum’s lobbyists about the paucity of my rebate and then about the $80; I am still waiting to hear from the lobbyist.

  3. I could write an equally long criticism. However I will just add that not only did the same thing occurred to us but I will add that they tell you they’ll charge you $80 if you’re not there to take the call. THEY didn’t show up for us twice the second time was that our appointment would be until 9 PM and at 10:30PM with no one showing up yet, the automated message saying that the person is still on its way, I finally canceled the appointment through the automated system. I am still am going to try to collect multiple months even though this happened a while ago, but I have to prepare my stamina for the battle and that only occurs when all the stars align in my body mind and spirit. Dealing with them I need the perfect momentum to handle it. I figure the owe me at least 80×3 for service charges for three missed appointments and the hours spent on the phone on hold and waiting for them to come. I have always felt like a hostage by this company and overcharged, it’s the most frustrating service that I have.

  4. Fasten your seat belt, more to come. Outside of having a dish, there really isn’t an alternative in Westport. Only one OTA station now (PBS).

    Anecdotal experience is that using the FCC complaint process gets better results.

    The storm credit should have been automatic. Plus there is an opaque promotional credit that went along with the recent 50% price increase, so month to month you don’t know what your bill is.or will be. I hazard to guess that for most houses in Westport the cable bill is twice the electric bill.

    Starting this month, the website says Optimum Silver and Gold packages are gone and people are being moved to “Select”. That strips out HBO, Starz and Showtime but “saves” $25. To keep things in line, for a year those will be available at an ala carte price of $25; after that they go to regular pricing, which will then be around $45. So, another how to cook a frog price increase. Other channels are being stripped out too, but it isn’t easy to tell which.

    This month the FCC has also proposed doing away with the cable card mandate–the FCC expects cable companies will keep supporting them without the mandate. But expect them not to; TiVo will be obsolete and Tivo users will have to rent cable boxes.

    But fear not: the website proclaims that Optimum is ready for this weekend’s storm activity.

  5. I feel your pain, Mary. I had a similarly hair-pulling situation with Optimum when I tried to have service set up in a new house. The Altice box was faulty and so service was never connected. Yet after hours on hold, 3 missed appointments—one where I was told someone had come when they had not (I was home waiting) for which I was charged $80 and to return the box, I opted to cut the cord.

    • Enough is enough 😌…and you should have the option to choose another service company. They need competition in your neighborhood.

      • Many area, there’s only one choice. You have no option. Looks like other competitors don’t want to spend money for laying optical lines to compete. So it’s virtually monopoly. That’s why most cable companies have bad customer service culture.

  6. Nothing new here for Optimum, they have been providing this type of horrible customer service and unprofessional actions for the entire 7 years of our homeownership in Westport. The only thing “optimum” about this cable company is their overcharging and inflationary pricing. Just a couple of months ago they raised my cable and internet fees by over 36 percent! I am done trying to deal with them any longer. They can’t even do anything wrong right!

  7. I have had the same unbelievable poor service from optimum. This is what happens when our elected officials allow one company to have a monopoly. His will only get worse unless the state and local governments step in!

  8. Mr. Backiel referred to “Optimum’s competitors in the area” and the problem is there is the sum of these is close to zero. At my Weston location, the only competitor is Frontier — with their top advertised internet speed being 70 Mbps, while Optimum’s plans range from 100 Mbps – 400 Mbps. Hence Optimum’s a virtual monopoly and does what it pleases, like forcing people to wait on hold for hours to speak to a “retention department” in order to cancel services. Unfortunately Frontier is bankrupt; no chance they’re going to be an effective competitor anytime soon.

    • Frontier just settled a lawsuit about five months ago. Peter, I didn’t realize competition is so limited. It sounds like we should pool our money and give the fine people in Fairfield County a third choice! We could name the new company WoogTV! Put me in for $25,000.

    • You might want to give that 70Mbps dsl a try. It’s probably plenty fast enough to stream TV, and meet your other internet needs. I’m stuck with optimum because the dsl where I am is only 3Mbps, and truthfully, if I could have gotten 10Mbps I would have dealt with it just to ditch optimum.

  9. Michael Calise

    Everyone I know has an Optimum story including myself. Optimum is a monopoly that needs to be eliminated.

    • Optimum’s Altice service is just as bad!! During Covid, they closed their offices and we’re totally out of contact with their customers. Phone calls were impossible-they didn’t answer!! They offered an option of having them to call you back so you didn’t have to wait for an hour or more on hold; but they never called. They had BLOCKED access to my hooking up the new Altice phone I had just purchased from them. Another option open to me was to use another provider by changing the SIM card and switch to another provider. But, even though they blocked me and never provided service for me, they started billing me and I couldn’t get them to stop!! Phone calls, texts, letters, even notes dropped in their on-site cash box went unanswered. They refuse to refund what they took out automatically from my checking account. It is currently being investigated.

  10. Ugh, Mary! I’m so sorry (but not at all surprised) to hear of your family’s Optimum hassles! We biked past and saw the tree/cables down. This summer, it’s been all too common (for many residents) that the storm damage is only the beginning—it’s inevitably followed by a ordeal of tested patience, frayed nerves, and frustration to manage power/internet/cable/phone restoration!

    Ps: good luck with everything—we are around the corner, so just let me know if we can help in future situations.

  11. Another thing you may not know: if you still have cable TV, those set top boxes that Optimum forces you to rent at $10/month each consume awesome amounts of power. Even when they’re switched ‘off’ (actually standby mode) they consume between 15 and 25 watts, depending on which model you have. Some families I know have 5 boxes, so at 20 watts that’s equivalent to burning a 100W light bulb 24/7. Since there are 8,760 hours in a year, that’s a total of 876,000 watt hours or 876 kilowatt hours, which at CT’s average price of .20/kWh equals $175 a year. Not to speak of the CO2 emissions caused by this needless appliance.

  12. We all have issues with Optimum for every facet of their services including poor response times, excessive fees, terrible customer service and Optimum gets away with it because they have the monopoly in Westport. I had satellite for 2 years but had to change as trees in the area grew too tall and obscured satellite reception.
    PURA is investigating Eversource for their most recent storm related actions and responses. We should demand that a similar investigation be conducted against Optimum. My question is why does Optimum have the monopoly? Who awarded it to them? Why do we not have access to Spectrum and Charter cable companies?
    This is an election year and yes, there are more serious issues to be considered. But judging from the comments already posted it is a huge local issue and our elected officials should take action on our behalf! It is easy enough to send an email to each and every one of our elected state officials and PURA. I for one plan to do so today!

  13. When the storm hit in August I lost optimum cable tv internet and phone for 10 days!!! I too could not get a human on the phone was put on hold for long periods of time and then disconnected! I have been with Optimum for over 20 years and through 3 moves and each time there are no deals and my cable bill is astronomical!! When I finally got through I was told there was no cable outage in my area! Mind you my neighbor across the street had the same issue and 4 to 6 neighbors down the street as well! My father who was in another town was able to email them and get a date for a technician to come to my house was for August 31st. My daughter who was enrolled in online summer classes and a SMART program for arts and music couldn’t continue and we lost money for the special music program not to mention the violin we bought out of pocket. I file many reports to the N.Y. public complaint against them and spoke to many people in the same boat. I drove 2 blocks away from my house to find a cable wire down and laying half in the road and half on someone’s lawn with no trees on it or flags to notify drivers! Again when called after many attempts to get through I was told that there were no wires down and cable was working completely to my house!!
    After finally getting a supervisor I was told Sept 5th would be the next available date to fix a problem that did not exist according to them! Finally it came back on and my bill was full price threatening to charge a late fee because it wasn’t paid. I called the supervisor again!! He credited my account for the days off and gave me free Starz which absolutely sucks because they give it free periodically to customers throughout the summer. There seemed to be no remorse or offer to pay the 95 dollars for the SMART program or reimbursement for an unused violin!! Unbelievable!

  14. Dodi Reid McCollem

    I totally agree if I could find another service Optimun would be Opt out of my life, I am 80 years young and I don’t want to tell you my costs with them, Its ludicrous the way they treat older people on a fixed income

  15. David & Goliath, you know the drill-
    I’m sorry for your troubles but the cable industry is just a prime example of predatory businesses. Companies no longer have an interest in individual customers only market share. You are fodder or at best collateral damage. It started decades ago with “company policies” Example: giving you a window of 4 hrs (or more) which you need to be …waiting & hoping for them to show up. Who pays you for your 1/2 day of work lost to wait? or if they don’t show and re-schedule you? this is indicative of how little you mean to them. All of their policies are anti-customer and profits through efficiency… of their resources not service to customers. Get used to the global economics of business not customers first. Sorry, there is no recourse.
    BUT- We can put rules in place for Public Utilities.Who would argue internet & cell service isn’t as important as Gas, Water, Electricity? Ex. Question-Why is Apple is now worth 2 trillion,- When it the last time you went a day without using your cell phone or computer.Answer?
    We need to vote in legislators that are willing to actually put meaningful rules in place for Public Utilities. PURA isn’t given the power and isn’t able to have the impact.
    It needs to come from the Governors Office and trickle down, no wait it needs to come from the D.C. Beltway. We need a government that works for the people because we can see the results of one that puts business first. I learned that attitude is trickle down not economics. Hell is loss of Hope.Do you feel Hopeful or in Hell?

  16. Deborah Johnson

    I could add my nightmare story to the list
    But I’ll just say with the last storm my cable line was on the ground for12 days. I scheduled an appointment with them 3 times before they actually showed up.
    I hate Optimum and paying that bill every month.

  17. Barbara Dempsey

    To all the people complaining about the “monopoly:”

    Optimum (and really its predecessor companies) installed and therefore own the cables across town, that’s why they are the only cable provider. This is not unique to Westport; cable networks are proprietary. If a different company were to come in they would need to pay for all that infrastructure — good luck with that, in this era of going wireless. Also, people complain about all the existing wiring across town — are you really suggesting another cable company comes in and installs their own wiring/infrastructure, adding to all the clutter?

    • I live in Holtsville and here, Verizon (or any other company) is not allowed to run cables. Optimum or satellite are the only options legally allowed. Also, yes, I do want other companies running their own wiring. It would absolutely kill optimum and I would switch to fios in a heartbeat if I could.

    • It’s not about ‘infrastructure’ it’s all about poor customer service

  18. Srikanthreddy Eddula

    I have the similar experience is well with Optimum customer service there wait times are very high.
    I have ended my service in March 2020 and due to COVID I was not able to return the Modem and Router in May 2020 optimum sent me a bill for $180 for the Modem and Router and in couple of days optimum charged me $180 from the credit on the account with Optimum. Finally I was able to get hold of optimum customer service and explained my situation, customer service gave me a return label using fedex to ship the equipment to optimum address I have shipped the equipment on May 27 2020 I have placed both the modem and router in the same box and in the paper I have written the account details and address is well and shipped it using the label provide by the customer service. After couple of weeks I have received a gift card for $100 and I have been contacting the customer service from then on they have been saying they only received the modem not the router.
    When I have called them first time they told me they have created a case and will do the internal investigation and get back to me in two weeks (those two weeks never came I have never got the call) I have contacted them after three weeks they still say the same and I have waited for a month and called them again this time they took my credit card details and they will refund it to the credit card which will take 10 business days to complete I have waited two weeks again and called them again and they started the process again from beginning.
    I have even walked into the optimum store at Bridgeport and the customer service agent told me they can’t help with the refunds I need to contact customer service on the phone.
    Still I have been calling the customer service and they come up with new thing and I am still fighting for it.
    Just a small common sense I have placed both the modem + router in the same box if they have received one they must have received the other is well.
    Same thing as happened to one of my friend is well.
    Optimum is just ripping the customers.

  19. Patricia Miller

    I am a Cablevision customer but will be switching to Verizon December 2020

  20. I agree. It’s almost impossible to get anyone in the phone and when you leave your name as they request you never get that call back. Some of the servicemen are excellent but not all. It you have Altice, good luck. The system sucks big time. I’m going back to the old system of i every get through to them. Unfortunately, we can’t get any other service in our area. There are others that are so much better. That’s what happens when you stifle competition.

  21. If you are thinking of changing to satellite service thinking you might receive better customer service DO NOT choose AT&T. I had cancelled my service after my repairman was a no show. Took four calls and nearly six hours one two days on the phone to do so. I was told aI would get confirmation. Never received it but I did have two phones calls asking me to please reconsider. Then I got my credit card bill and a payment had been made for my next month. Called credit card customer service and the rep was fantastic. We spent almost two hours with the AT&T representative who kept misreading his script but finally was told that the account had be closed and I would receive an email confirmation and a credit. Never received either. Capital One charged back AT&T. As I told the AT&T representative who called again to get me to reconsider my closing of the account I would never do any business with AT&T for any product again.

  22. Ever since optimum/cable vision was sold to the French company and became altice there service and products suck. Since we live in Fairfield county they know they are a monopoly and treat its customers like second class citizens.

    I have had enough conversations to say that the employees hate what the new management had done to the company. It’s my understanding that the new management is trying to sell the business so to cut costs, they have off shored the customer service and use third party vendors to provide on site service at customer locations.

    At the end of the day we are all suffering to this monopoly as there is no other competitor in the area.

    Altice really sucks and it’s not the company that we all knew as cablevision/Altima.

  23. Wayne Franklin

    This is everywhere nationwide, with many variations. The problem is, city and states will not allow more than 1 cable company per certain coverage area,they think satellite, streaming services etc. are enough competition for the consumer to choose from. They also get tax monies from the cable company so that is why it is inclusive. They go into contract together.

  24. It’s been downhill since Altice bought Optimum. Typical European service.

  25. Optimum is terrible! Thank you for writing this article I hope more people read it. They recently increased my bill by 15 dollars for no reason at all. Like you, I tried to call customer service but was placed on hold for an hour and fifteen minutes. Ultimate no one picked up and I will be looking to switch providers(fios) soon. Goodluck and thanks for shining light on this.

    • Bronx,ny btw

    • Good luck with fios….I heard once the “special “is up they hit with a ton of charges. After your 2 years you have to play the switch game go back to optimum put up with their @#$*&#
      and switch again after a year. Never do Altice its just owned by Optimum with worse service

      • They do it long before then! When I set up my service with FiOS I was told that the package I had chosen would be $125 a month. When the installer finished he told me it was $179 a month. That’s what I was already paying to Optimum! And then I found out the service was 13 years old when I tried looking for my favorite channels. Optimum have become a total disgrace. And the only reason why only one cable company can set up in any area is because of lobbying in Washington by the cable Association that all cable companies pay for lobbying. Once Upon a Time three cable company set up in a small City in the Northeast and the prices dropped drastically. These people don’t want to give you service anymore they only want your money. Westchester County BTW

  26. Beverly Battle

    I have experienced the same thing with Optimum. They are not reliable. I also terminated my account with them and was told i had to pay for the whole billing cycle although i didn’t have complete service. My television service in the living room was out for 11-12 days. I called for service, no one showed up. They lie and take your money. They never completed my installation properly that’s why i lost service in the first place.They charge a lot of money for services not rendered. They put you on long telephone hold (approximately over an hour) so you can get frustrated and hang up. They dont call you back. They will email you to take a survey but not willing to do the job needed to keep you as a satisfied customer. Pls look up the complaints before you proceed with electing them as your internet,tv. Provider. Saving you the hassle.

  27. Virginia Russell

    I feel your pain. I called many times to change to a less expensive plan but got the run-around as usual. They say one thing and do another. Wait time is forever and a day and then some. Seriously thinking about cutting the cord.

  28. Celeste Champagne

    This horror story has become MO for Optimum since Altice bought it from Cablevision. We may have complained about Cablevision, but they were superb in comparison to Altice. There is NEVER a supervisor available, you cannot understand the person on the phone, and you wait up to a half hour to “speak” to someone with no positive results. I am so sorry for the pain expressed in this post. I wish there was something we could do besides “cutting the cord” completely.

  29. I’ve had a similar experience with three (3) confirmed appointments and then no-shows. Countless hours on the phone being redirected and dropped.

    Worst service I’ve ever experienced by a mile. They need to get beaten by a competitor.

  30. Nancie Rinaldi

    Some key people to reach out to:

    Cyrus Nowroozani
    Vice President Customer Service
    Altice USA
    New York, New York

    William Baird
    Vice President, Customer Experience & Shared Services
    Huntington, New York

    Greg Thomas
    VP Customer Retention, Revenue Growth & Operations
    New York, New York

    • Ha! Forget them, they are the problem. get in touch with your senator & governor!

      • Correct,,,contact Gov. Lamont, both our senators, Congressman Himes via email. They want to hear about the post-storm reactions of ALL the utilities in the state. When they’re done ‘investigating’ Eversource, Optimum will be on-deck.

  31. Optimum is the worst provider I ever seen
    They charge for everything, with bad services that they have
    I have the same issue with them at work as well at home and whenever you call to complain they do not give shit about it
    Their internet is wack even with what they called 5g nothing, and every time it rains no connection
    I have so much to say about this company that if I keep on going I’ll write a book about it
    And the sad thing is that my neighborhood is only them that can provide me the three service together but at the end of the day am going to get separate provider and leave them

  32. I worked at Optimum’s L3 technical support office on Long Island for about 3 years. When I worked there we had the best customer service team in the area, I mean we did have a bunch of JD power awards for best customer service in the area those three years. Just before Dolan decided to sell the company in 2015 I left the company for a much better job opportunity.

    As a L3 technical support rep, I can assure you that if the call ever made its way to me all your service related issues would be resolved, no matter what. That was my motto, it worked and customer were happy, at the same time they were assured that if they were transferred to us in L3 we were going to fix the issue.

    I too was a customer for Optimum, while I worked there and after I left. The biggest thing I noticed after I left, and it wasn’t just me leaving but the downsizing after Altice purchased the company from Dolan, was the downfall and quality of their customer service. It just completely fell apart and stunk. No one was competent anymore, no one cared, there was no passion, and it killed me maybe because that’s the complete opposite of what it was when I was there, but it really hurt deep down inside to see that what I left behind had completely just disintegrated. I’m not sure if it was Altice’s new outsourced employees that just couldn’t find a way to be passionate about their jobs or maybe it’s the way they’re trained today, but whenever you call them they simply don’t care anymore.

    I recently had to disconnect my service after being an Optimum customer for a very long time. You would think they would be a little nice or at least work with you on pro rating you for disconnecting the service early, but no they want their money however they may get it and the customers satisfaction doesn’t mean a thing anymore. I canceled my service 3 weeks before the end of my billing cycle and pleaded with Optimum to not charge me for the rest of the month, but they told me no, multiple times that the way billing works, you are charged for the month and there’s nothing they could do that I should read page three of the bill and read the billing policy.

    Now optimum taunts that they don’t do service contracts, well I can assure you that is BS. If your service runs from the 10th to the 9th of each month, you’re locked into that billing cycle and no refund will be provided if you cancel early. Which it seems to be the case for both of us.

    The best thing you did was finally leaving them behind. Their service is outdated, equipment is old and unreliable, their customer service reps just don’t care anymore and could care less about you. They’re all just going through the motions and collecting a check, nothing more.

  33. The are the worst my promotion ended on this August 21st I’ve been calling to try to get back on another promotion because they are famous for jacking up someone bill I feel like cable vision is using the whole covid 19 thing to reap people off when u call u being put on hold for hours if someone do come they ask your name and address like 5 times then they act like the their computer running slow then they will hung up it has happened to me on multiple occasions I am just fed up I’ve been a loay customer from 1998 they charge me a late fee during the covid 19 pandemic and the first thing u hear when u call is that during the pandemic they are helping people that have been affected the most (lies lies all lies). Another thing the play the same movies and show over and over again plus I have a house phone I don’t use ..I just need to cut them off completely. I believe they robbing people.

  34. My name is Titus Gomes . I had horrible experience with optimum customer service too. Almost 6 years I am with them now I am thinking to get someone else.

  35. I’m very agree!!!! Optimum is the worst and very expensive!!!!! They don’t have a giid customer service. They don’t even know how to fix any issues, and they take advantage of the fact that in some areas they’re the only ones with Verizon, the only reason I don’t leave is cause Verizon is soooooo expensive, I can’t afford it

  36. Just to clarify, the French spun off the US operations into a stand-alone company two years ago.

  37. This had been the worst service for several years Now, especially since this pandemic all I do is called get new modem and bad service demand deduction paying for a bill and no service, I am having my fourth modem coming in two months all they do! And very poor supervisor and representative some of just rude thenprofessional and I am about to abandoned all of their service they offered me an upgrade for more Money!! I was like wow

  38. You should not cancel, but instead have new owner (tenant) put into their name as of the date of the change. Without that Optimum will likely charge a “turn on” fee to the new users. Forget all this if they are not continuing with Optimum.

  39. I have not had cable service since 2012. Now that I’m retired, May 2020 I called Optimum to have Wi-Fi installed in my home. The representative said that she saw five names that were the same as mine in their system. When I asked her to please read off the addresses I found out that none of them were me. But they said they had a bill totaling over $1000 under my name. I have lived at this residence for 24 years and as I said I have not had the cable service since 2012 and at that time I turned in the equipment that I had. I have had a problem with my billing since I had the Wi-Fi installed in May 2020 in my residence. I have not been able to get them to resolve this issue and now my Wi-Fi has been interrupted. It has not been disconnected but interrupted and I was told that until I pay the outstanding balance that’s owed my service is due to be disconnected. I have not been able to get anyone to resolve this issue. I called several times and was on hold for over two hours just to get a representative on the phone and then after getting a representative that person either hung up on me or we got disconnected. I am handicapped and not able to go to the office because you have to wait in line outside the door and I am not able to do that. As of today I still have not been able to get this problem resolved and my Wi-Fi service is still interrupted. I understand that there is a pandemic and things are not the same but this is unacceptable. Optimum have a lot of customers but the customer service is lousy.

  40. Elaine Stewart

    What a story! But I totally know how Mary feels,optimum is the worst!! At a point where I live I had know choice but to have optimum and when I tell you I went to hell and back with them is an understatement!! But finally,I was able to get another provider (although they have issues as well but NOTHING like optimum) and I was thrilled to get rid of optimum,hang in there mary

  41. Karl Von Busse

    These cable companies ( we had a similar experience with Suddenlink, which is owned by Altice) need to learn that the customer is the one paying their salaries.

  42. John Kobylanski

    Optimum is the worst service and cable provider I have ever had. I live in Dunellem and we can not get internet anywhere else because the city made a deal so I have to use them

  43. Mark L. Yurkiw

    Don’t you “Get It” Nobody is listening to your complaints, They only have one agenda leave with their pockets full, cable is a dying industry.Follow the technology.
    We can put rules in place for Public Utilities.Who would argue internet & cell service isn’t as important as Gas, Water, Electricity?
    We need to vote in legislators that are willing to actually put meaningful rules in place for Public Utilities. PURA isn’t given the power and isn’t able to have the impact.
    It needs to come from the Governors Office and trickle down, no wait it needs to come from the D.C. Beltway. We need a government that works for the people because we can see the results of one that puts business first. I learned that attitude is trickle down not economics. Hell is loss of Hope.Do you feel Hopeful or in Hell?

  44. Sree Mukherjee Vaid

    We are moving and experiencing horrid service -from wrong installation to service people who claim they arrived but we weren’t home. Just unbelievably bad all around.

  45. Cecelia S. Aiken

    Optimum is horrible. Unfortunately I reside where I cannot get Fios and am stuck with the crappy internet which has proven to be very sluggish, unpredictable and one of my worst customer service experiences ever.

    I have several online presentations and work remotely , I have been dropped off business calls, lost connection to valuable trainings and have spent hours simply trying to pay bills online.

  46. This company optimum is so freaking useless. First of all I lives in Brooklyn ny I was paying $142.00 a month for cable and internet. I cancel service on cable .It too me three days to get on to them the customer service rep transfer me to a agent my monthly bill for internet supposed to be 68bucks plus tax all of a sudden the bill is $104.00 for cable alone isn’t this absurd. I am just confused with this company.

  47. Sorry to hear your story. I believe it is all too common these days. In my opinion? Optimum was once a great company and is now an absolute horror show. I think I now know why. While many of us are cutting the cord from cable and for good reason. Optimum which goes under the Altice brand of providers as well, is offsetting their losses during the pandemic by offering their upgraded products because their standard equipment failed the test in most cases when we all got stuck at home these past several months. There simply just wasn’t enough bandwidth to go around in many areas, making for slower connections. Did we get a discount for that? Of course not. Many people upgraded to Optimums better internet, which is still shared mind you, and charged people more money.
    My personal factual story. I was paying $129 per month for cable, phone and Optimum 200 Internet. I had four standard cable boxes. During a return from a recent one month hiatus, I returned home to find that I lost two TV stations that my wife enjoyed, so I called up to ask why and here is where it all got crazy: Nobody at Optimum could figure out how to get my 2 stations back on my plan. I kid you not, 9 calls 23 hours of hold times, 3 Supervisors and about 8 on line chats that lasted for another 10 hours, with one lasting for 3 1/2 hours alone. I went 10 days with justa handful basic TV channels. I was not offered a discount or an apology.. Why would I invest this kind of time? Well, for one thing, I didn’t want to call back again, be lied to again or disconnected which also happened several times. When my frustration reached its peak, I was sent to their Retention Department. I was nothing but professional until the very end. Everyone has their breaking point. The Rentention Department is the only ones with any real power anyway, but as you will see below their customer service is also quite horrible. I explained my issue and due to the many inconveniences I received I was offered an upgrade to faster Internet 300 speed and Altice boxes by Tamira in the Retention Department. I had no idea what an Altice box was, but the rep Tamira said it was an upgrade, and she kept checking with her Supervisor to see what could be done for me at my price range $129. I thanked her and it was pleasant. I was then told to wait home for a technician. That happened on two different days. The first rep was not on time, never called and showed up with a second guy over 2 hours after my window of waiting ended. Neither guy wore masks. They never asked if I cared even though I had a mask on. They shorted me one box and my stations were still not on prompting more phone calls and another tech that needed to come out, inconveniencing me further. I spoke to more supervisors. I have it written on their online Chat by a supervisor Rocio that my rate would not exceed $129. I was clear with everyone about not paying more and they record those calls don’t they? Then my bill shows up online. They want $189 a month for all of the upgrades that I received and this is with a partial month credit. I said “wait, I never asked for any of the upgrades, just to have my stations back, but when I attempted to leave your company after you couldn’t get my stations back, you said, “we will make it up to you for your 15 years of loyalty to Optimum by giving you the faster Altice service. “When I attempted to explain this to the 5th Supervisor Shay, she said, “well that Supervisor you spoke with is from a different department so I cannot honor that Altice deal. I believe for next month they want me to pay $249. “What? I said, “but you see it in writing on the chat? $129 right?” She said “yes, but I cannot honor it.” I immediately said,” well you need to do something or I will just return your equipment and we will end this relationship.” Shay the supervisor from the Retention Department told me numerous times that she was trying to help me.
    Here is her proposed resolution: So, I can get another tech out to your house next week to reverse everything and give you your old TV package and old equipment back. I said “and how much will that be? “$129 a month. ” So I asked “what about my loyalty and the free faster upgrade? I couldn’t believe this but she said “so that’s it, you want something for free? ”
    I finally got nasty and I would seriously apologize, but after 30 hours of bullshit, I think it was warranted for me to snap. I believe I first asked if she was having a medical episode and when she replied no she wasn’t, I waited as she became more belligerent saying “I tried to help you! ” I t then had to ask if she had basic reading comprehension skills because the chat was the reason I knew I was right. I hate to think Optimum hired people like Shay that are either unwilling or incapable of comprehending what I went through especially, as a supervisor, but if Shay would have read what the other supervisor Rocio clearly wrote to me and can still say that to me then unfortunately, she is missing something that cannot be taught. I felt like I was being intimidated and when she got loud I finally asked if she was stupid. Not my finest moment and it bothered me because I have respect for people and especially for women. I liked her and I thought she was trying to help me, but I was dead wrong. I made it clear. I didn’t ask for any of these upgrades and then after everything, their best offer is to try to get me back to where I was, if that is even possible because she slipped and said the promo I was on was no longer available. I even offered to pay an extra $10 above just to make the nonsense stop.
    What I learned was this: Keep your payments on auto-pay and try to use Amex. I’m challenging this $189 payment they took out because clearly the chat notes from one of Optimum’s supervisors say $129. Keep a record of the Online chat. I did and I will present it soon to Amex to fight the $189 charge.
    Also, unfortunately, in Middlesex County NJ there are no options for replacing Optimum. You can get Satellite Internet. Who wants that? Verizon does want new customers. Optimum must know this, hence, the mistreatment of their loyal customers. I do not disparage anyone. Not my style. I gave Optimum 15 chances to make it right, they have not. I relinquish my equiptment on the 13th of September because as the person before me mentioned, they do not prorate , so I am paid until then. I wish someone from Optimum would reach out to me and understand that I spend about $20,000 throughout the years and was just tossed to the side. I was willing to make reasonable concessions, but “take it or leave it” was all their customer service team was willing to offer. That is a shame.

  48. Cablevision Does NOT CARED. Why?? Because they know that their is No competition on Long Island with Cable companies. The Other Reason is that each Town and County = Wants More Money $$$$$$$. Yes i Worked for cablevision!!!

  49. Stephanie Pasquarella

    Here in sit waiting for an issue that began memorial day weekend and it is Labor day weekend… let’s see what happens now for a service I have been paying for and not recieving with answers like we will have a supervisor call you or will be 2 weeks this Thursday and I am still waiting. Working with the public myself and handling all different issues I can not understand why it is so difficult.

  50. Optimum uses very dated equipment and they don’t pay for a quality work to their employees so employees leave and who ever stay there do the shady job if any… I know optimum has hired TCS for there contact center migration from Genesys to Cisco UCCE and you would not believe if I say that TCS ended up hiring folks to do the migration who had a phony credentials and frauds and fired from his previous employers like JP Morgan for check fraud (The person TCS has hired is Mihir Patel)

  51. Alan P. Schulman

    Not a surprise .With the purchase by altice. The company went from excellent to terrible. I remember reading. At the time of the purchase that Wall Street questioned the acquisition but Altice countered by saying that they will reduce the customer service to increase profits. That is exactly what happened. Waits can be 40 minutes to one hour and the personnel answering the calls are very
    often.. poorly trained. Another case of Wall Street greed. Too bad. The competition is also terrible in customer service.

  52. Never ever trust them. They lie they are rude and they are the worst company ever. ever since they sold the company and now it’s gotten worse thank God I left them they left me without cable for a whole week they tried to get into the apartment stating that he could be inside and I told him it’s not because the whole building don’t have common sense which it seems like these people that work for cable optimum don’t have none whatsoever. Only one is your money that’s all they care for they got a credit need for a whole week and I returned there disgusting pathetic equipment I am now with Verizon FiOS. Thank God and alot of people are dropping optimum like a bad habit reports on themselves and all around they never ever cared for no one but the money the people over the phones if you ever do get one has a cue card and must read what’s in front of them it doesn’t matter what you say what story you give on all they cares about when are you going to pay and that’s it you know what check this out y’all going to wait a long time before you get any payment and that I can guarantee you optima. Today they lose this company they’ll know why and try to very best to blame it on everybody else except themselves…

  53. I am actually going truough something similar with optimum. Since about 18 months ago, I’ve been having issues with my internet service and I keep calling optimum but the internet interruption still persists. I live in Metuchen NJ, where Optimum is the only internet provider and I feel trapped since there’s no option other than Optimum. I previously lived In Perth Amboy NJ, and had different cable and internet providers and never went through the same situation. Now that my kids are having virtual school the use of internet is vital and I am still having service interruptions. I would like to know why there’s no other Internet provider in my area.

  54. This is typical of Optimum/ Altice I’ve been I disappointed dissatisfied customer off and on for 35 + years started when they were called Brookhaven Cablevision I’m about to cancel and go with a streaming tv service no landline phone we all have cellphones now unfortunately have to use cable for internet until I can figure out another provider Optimum insists you pay on time if you don’t we know what happens maybe your husband should send them a bill for his time and your frustration LOL

  55. Mary, our family has a house down the shore in NJ, and we have received THE EXACT SAME TREATMENT from Optimum. I actually thought that my wife had posted this story. My job has me working from home and early in the summer we increased our internet speed to accommodate my need for bandwidth. The service since June has not worked properly. I gave called numerous times, spent up to 3 1/2 hours on the phone to speak with someone, been hung up on countless times, and had set 4 appointments that were never kept (or even properly been placed by Optimum). Finally, last Wednesday my wife spotted a tech working on the pole in the street on front of our neighbors house. The tech told us that the coastline services will NEVER be fixed because the company refuses to upgrade its infrastructure because no money is made in these areas. The salt air corrodes the junction boxes and it’s too costly thy to bother fixing. He also reported to us that back at the beginning of the summer, the backlog of 8000+ service calls were mysteriously deleted from the work order list that the techs get scheduled from. We pay $180 month now for the same service that still causes me dropped calls, frozen screens and Loss of service for large blocks of time. Our neighbors all have to same losses, so we know that it is not our connection or equipment. Data caps, throttling back service and lack of properly functioning equipment are all de rigor business practices for Optimum.

  56. I had the same problem with them
    It took 19 days and 6 Confirmed appointments of no-shows until the local police department called them to tell them to get the line off the road
    I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on Altice which is the parent company. I had also sent letters to our state representatives but never heard back from them. Filed a complaint with Pura never heard back from them.

    I did get a call from Altice corporate Apologizing for the extremely long delay in responding to service repair in the mini canceled appointments with no notification I was promised 19 days credit but I’m still waiting for that

  57. I feel your pain…

    We recently switched from FIOS to Optimum
    in an attempt to reduce our bill. Their system is so inferior. The boxes work sporadically and the internet is spotty at best. You’re so right about their so-called customer “nonexistent” service, as I’ve already waited hours, more than once, at home for a service rep to arrive. Oh, and did I mention this has all occurred within the first month of usage?

    They are the worst…

  58. Worst ever! They have no idea what they are doing- poor customer service knowledge; I wait for hours to get someone’s then to get dropped and to have to call again! Who has the time to revolve around optimum. This monopoly along with PSEG has to end here on Long Island!!!! My bill is never the same amount they raise my rates then I have to call and wait and get told there is not supervisor to speak to and that one will call me and they never do!!!!! I received a confirmation email from optimum after weeks of anxiety and screaming at them with a new lowered rate. I had to drop some services then send back boxes- knit picking here and there so I can afford my absorbent bill from them. Then I get the next months bill with a higher amount after all the calls and increased blood pressure. I called them back and said I wanted a supervisor and wanted to send them the email they sent me confirming my rate and they have the audacity to tell me they can’t accept any emails. WTF Optimum??? you sent me the freakin email and I want to send the proof back to your archaic butts (not the word I wanted in here lol) and you’re telling me you won’t accept an email from me or a fax etc… I don’t know a single person who likes optimum and has said anything positive about this company! The ONLY reason people have them is bc there is no one else. I so wish bill gates or someone wealthy lived in Long Island and could start another internet, cable, phone company!!!!

  59. Suzanne Cannata

    I am having the same problem. Their service office in wall,NJ said I would have to call because they do not do promotions. I called customer services waited Thur all the prompts Gotten sales Dept. Can’t help call customer service. Finally I gotten someone. (I hardly understood him and was iterated). Said go on line. I was calling for a friend who is a senior citizen and hard of hearing plus has one arm (can’t do the prompts) so finally he but he was very annoyed did what I asked. But would not tell me how much the bill would be he said he couldn’t. Next day I called to see if I could my bill lowered. I have the triple play. The phone I don’t use and don’t know the number. He told me if I switch to altice it would go down $15. And a $100 gift card for Amazon. Then a $60 charge for texc to come to my home. I told him I do not due online shopping, specially Amazon. Then he laughed at me. Next day I went online to check under their website. Create a account and password. Which they said I already have ( I never set one up) went to help asked for I typed in my cell phone number. Don’t recognized it. Then typed in my email address don’t recognized. So no help at all. They don’t care about their customers at all. Plus raised their rates during a pandemic. The only other service I can get is Verizon which don’t have the channels that I watch. I’m tired of being treated like I’m joke. Plus dealing with people who do not want to do their jobs! If I could change service I would!

  60. Julia Tomasulo

    It pains me that Optimum has gone down the tubes many years ago. I have nothing but incredibly bad service on and off the phone. I have lost cable and internet more than I have had it in 20 years. It’s disheartening that the company Really doesn’t care about their customers. They do whatever to keep you quiet…another words IGNORE you! God for bid you run your business on Optimum, because that has been the case…I’ve LOST $$!
    After ALL the storms, why haven’t they resolved their cable issues by now!
    I’m done w/Optimum…Verizon hear I come!!!
    BTW, I live in Somers, NY

  61. I miss optimum so much…… I have no phone service because……the darn modem with internet goes out and phone is dead even though internet is working. My unteenth appt. with altice is 9/11/2020 Going pray this issue gets fixed. My heart out to you all.

  62. Cablevision/Optimum now Altice is the worst company I have dealt with in the last 50 years. I called them 24 times in a month as service had been disrupted 19 days out of 30 and wait to talk to someone was similar. I have complained to FCC and NJ Public Utilities about not prorating the bill when service is cancelled but nothing has been done. May be it is a case for an attorney for class-action suit. Finally I got an alternate service and now Optimum calls frequently to give me credit to come back and apologize profusely. Needs culture change from top down.

  63. Every day my service drops. I work from home. Some time 3 times in one day. . I am writing this now because my cable drop again. Sometimes it takes 30 mins to an hour to return. I pay my bill on time. My service should be working with no problems. As i finished writing this. My internet is drop.

  64. Christine Jaklitsch

    I have had very similar experiences with Optimum. They have the worst customer service. Their outside box on the street has been broken for months. They don’t care. They don’t care about anything other than billing for horrible service. Watch my service will be out when I get home.

  65. Here’s the dirty truth about Optimum. If you call for help during the day you get people in some Asian country. If you call at night you get people in India. Optimum, which used to be such a good company, has outsourced all customer and technical help. And they are trying to force people to pay on their Optimum website by no longer having the automated system on the telephone. Unfortunately their website doesn’t work very well . I was able to pay my bills bill there twice and then suddenly all my info vanished and I can’t login but I can’t get the old login off. For as much as they are charging me I should be able to get someone on the line who actually knows what they’re doing.

  66. The Optimum/Altice monopoly has to be broken in Fairfield County. I have been asking/begging GoNetspeed to extend their service to Westport, but we need most of the town to register their request to get them to even look at expanding into our town. They are growing in CT though, with more towns coming online throughout the state every month. Get busy people of Westport and register your interest on their website ! https://www.gonetspeed.com

  67. Been there, done that!
    My service was out for 5 days, it was an external wire problem. I spent hours trying to get the problem resolved, on the phone and at their website. Twice, I went to their store to return the modem because after hours of being on hold, I was told the modem was the problem. After 5 days, I got a repair person, he fixed the problem. The service is expensive and the only one available in my town. I am at their mercy!

  68. Diana Maldonado

    She is not the only one going through this. Optimum service has been horrible since switching to altice and so has their customers service. Charging me $80 for a service fee where the technician was a no show and another $80 for someone to unplug my modem, plug it back in, then proceed to tell me to call customer service again. To this day, my internet continues to have connection issues but they still expect me to pay for my bill though.

  69. Stacy J Barbas

    I as well have had problems with Optima they seem like no one knows what there doing

  70. Linda Westerlind

    Optimum service has become a thing of the past. Muffled replies in lousey acents i spent 2 weeks trying to fix my email. Same thing promises and dropped call when you do get someone then the eternal wait. Ive been with optimum 30 yeats. But plummeting now
    I think they need some good competition
    Optimum stinks.

  71. Optimum is a joke!
    I have called Optimum numerous time related to multiple issues to no avail. There never seems to be a supervisor available. The pat response is that the issue will be escalated and a follow-up call will be forthcoming…they never happen! No security on computer-based email; can’t send email on android phone with attachments or with multiple recipients. The list goes on.

  72. Ramona Russell

    Optimum is horrible! I live in a 55 and over, and they are the only provider (right now). They overcharge, show up late for appointments if they show up at all, when the service fails through no fault of your own and they tell you they will discount you, it amounts to pennies on the dollar! Working hard to get other providers here. Then we’ll see how good their services become!

  73. Robert Davison

    I’ve had similar issues with customer service,. I’m being charged $80 for a service tech appointment that was never corrected(no on-demand on 1 of my cable boxes). The tech was great, spent an hour changing cables and splitters but still no on-demand. I’ve called numerous #’s and have spoken for hours with reps and have always been promised that a supervisor would call before 5pm the same day(still waiting). Also I’ve had numerous online chats and never getting an answer.its been hours and hours of wasted time.

  74. Julene von Glinsky

    I too.have had.multiple problems with Optimum. Even the FCC acknowledges that reps refuse to put calls thru to Supervisors. I had to enlist the help of State Rep Brian Farnen and his aide Bobbie. I spoke with an Executive Corporate Rep on several occasions. I had multiple issues with Optimum.My last involved getting documentation from UI re: a power outage after the Aug 4th tropical storm. Optimum sent a tech out, sent me an email addressing compensation, and then said I had not reported it!! My compensation was.$30.28 which did not even begin to compensate me for the aggravation I experienced! Optimum is a terrible company to deal with!!!

  75. Albert Andrascik

    Optimum has been getting worse. Best to contact the states Board of Public Utilities. Make a complaint. Soncec a’s ltice purchased Optimum the non customer servicecis horrendous. Yes non customer service.
    Support is useless like tits on a bull. Unfortunately there are no other choices in many ares due to the monopoly that the local govetnment and cable company created.
    Directv and Dish are tv but also expensive and dont work during inclement weather. I suggest to startvcutting the cord keep justvinternet then stream using netflix and hulu type services. At leastvyou can getva lower bill just carring internet

  76. Happened to me too. And they gave me a different story every month about when i would received my amazon gift card first one month then two then three then four then they claimed they mailed it and it would get here in a month i never received anything so i am switching

  77. Anonymous Tech

    I am remaining anonymous to refrain from any backfire. If that causes this to be deleted, then so be it, let’s just hope I don’t get discovered and fired for calling them out. But as a tech for the company I can confirm that the customer service center does not care about customers (generally speaking as I’m sure there are a handful who do). I can only speak for the techs that I have worked with and know, that most of us do care, but are forced to act and function a certain way. We’re often over booked and understaffed from layoffs, or not hiring new staff as the smart ones leave to find better jobs. And on top of that, the new techs receive less training than they used to.

    My biggest recommendation is that you file corporate complaints in these events. A supervisor is always on staff, but may actually be too busy to take a call (to no fault of their own). If it continues, hammer them with calls to the better business bureau. Ever since the buyout, the company has been shameful and disgraceful to customers and employees. They only care about money and profit, but fail to understand that customers are their profit. They shifted the debt they had by splitting the company and made it seem like they turned the company around after buying it out, but in reality, they just shifted the debt. I’m ashamed to work for these people, but I need the job. Most techs go to work wondering if it’s their last day.

    I think it’s obvious, but I’m not privy to the upper workings of the company, but their broad actions carry down to the bottom and everyone sees it. Most of us even made bets when we were told about the buyout before it happened.

    I’m sorry this happened to you, I’m sure there was a tech willing to help but was not even aware of your appointment, or was simply over booked and unable to make it.

  78. Emanuele Allegretta

    I am an Altice Mobile customer, and their service is absolute garbage. And their customer service is a joke.

  79. Maritza Rodriguez

    Optimum sucks, it is the worst company. I am trying to get rid of them, I have two accounts, they are so expensive and the service is a 0 on a scale of one to ten. I hate Optimum!!!!

  80. Dan, I find this odd that there are people responding from all across the tri-state area. While it’s clear there are many complaints about Optimum, there is much misinformation: for one thing, there is no availability of Verizon FIOS, Spectrum or Charter in this area, nor would there be unless one of these companies bought out Optimum or Frontier.

  81. Jeanne Peterson

    Very frustrating experience and i am with you. I had changed my payment method from one credit card to another. However and unfortunately i was charged on both cards for several months with no resolution after several calls. So, after the third time being charged double, i put a claim on the old credit card still being charged. The credit card company obliged and credited my account properly. However, Optimum, sent me a notice of non payment along with a return payment charge of $25 of notice of cancelling my service. In calling customer service, they indicated i would have to pay back the entire amount i was credited along with the return payment charge otherwise my service would be terminated. They gave a very cold response and not understanding my complete issue nor the history. I am sure you all can understand that i needed service in order to make a living. Very crooked and poor CS

  82. Sadly so so true; I am too an optimum customer, and for sure have had mine aplenty clearly provoked non -wanted desirable I’d say, encounters with their supposedly staff members, if not even supervisors too as wells; Mainly it all starts, at their obvious super incompetent customer service non -providers(I guess you just put it too nicely here for)! -they’re either, unintentionally just too confused, or plainly misleadingly I’d have to just put it that simply per say.

    Now, with the whole ‘end of the bill cycle’ charged fee till, it all started when I believe ‘Altice’ got a hold of Cable Vision, and practically just changed the whole ballgame, (rules of the ‘already -bankrupt’ cable ‘optimum’ game)! but with instead, it felt like rather started ripping their customers off rather than; I’d say I guess due to their whole mismanagement, over – expenditure in their worthless equipments, and their technical innovations taking place I’d guess – of not just greed per. And now, the price tag is passed down to their sucker of old optimum loyal customers – (bills going off the roof), & the lack of customer service at its peak(cause don’t think it can get any worse than now a days with all theses senseless nonsense).

    Now, call me a big masochist, cause you can say, I’m still with them then; But, I’d still probably advice you, to at least try to make sure, that optimum doesn’t end up taking you for another ride per so- when they slip thru that whole ‘technician fee charge’ down your throat – due to their whole lack of coordination, &too forcing you, to miss out on an appointment, you weren’t even clearly confirmed by- to even mention fully aware – that it was ever affirmed by to take place. I don’t call that, short notice, neither late one; but a later one! A later – after the appointment – notice, that implies a fee if missed; I won’t just call it negligence on their parts, but still wont try to be too harsh, and will just call it, incompetence!
    -I’m sure if that fee gets to get to be added up, to the whole uncertainty of those cable boxes, and where they might even end up ending up at – to not even mention – that whole fallen tree natural disaster technical damage financial cause – they might even try to add as much as many fees on those yours own packets offs, cause, I’d think, this late down the game, it’d be incomprehensible to think, that with Altice, anything will ever be, old news, indeed!

    So, wish you very good luck, and hope that your new up to come tenant, has something to look forward to, other than just, bad news; as so, as such!…

  83. I have been a victim of optimum’s customer service as well. Then they want to pitch cell phones? Really? Can you imagine their cell service!?

  84. Optimum only cares about money, I don’t know how many times I called them for extra charges and services I don’t receive. I live in Chester, there is no other provider in this area.. Optimum is the worse agency that I know this far.

  85. I canceled my service with Optimum on March 3, 2019. They told me I had to pay for the entire month of March of $141.00. I returned four cable boxes and a modem them but they still want me to pay rental fees for this equipment while it’s in their possession. I refuse to pay them 1.5 years later. I have received four letters from collection agencies. I have responded in writing each time. I have written to The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and The Better Business Bureau.

    According to The Board of Public Utilities. Optimum is in violation of NJAC-14:18-3(c) and has ordered Optimum to protate final bills. Optimum refuses to comply and is ignoring the Board order. Optimum has started legal action to appeal the order and it will be some time before a legal decision is made.

    Atlice USA (The Parent Company of Optimum) is the worst company I have ever dealt with. Reading comments from other customers, the general consensus is the same.

    I switched to Fios 1.5 years ago with no regrets. The pricing is lower and they offer more channels and the customer service is outstanding.

    I’ll NEVER return to Optimum.

  86. We. Need another provider compitiction will change their attitude but you all know is politics why this company has an monopoly on long Island and for a Republican town where is the free market.

  87. I’m dealing with the same exact situation, my scheduled appointment was for today between 2pm-5pm, nobody showed up, I call furious now they are supposed to come tomorrow between 10am-8pm!! We live in Monroe, New York and unfortunately they are our only option.

  88. My fiancé and I had the original Altice equipment. Moved out if the Area now back Altice is the only company I’m the area. They are getting worse in stead of Better. Customer Service need a lot more training than ever. I can not stand them.
    Supervisiors are always in a meeting Oh call back now takes 2-4 days. They stink all the way around

  89. Debbie Balsamo

    I too have had a terrible time with optimum. Canceled their service and they kept taking out money out of my bank acct. Finally the sent me a credit on paper but did not credit bank acct. After many hours of calling them, I was but on hold, hung up on, told no managers were available, not called back..etc. The call line was outsourced to people who barely spoke english. It was like they were having a party. They were rude . Optimum is a monopoly so they treat people anyway they want. They dont care that we are customers. Here it is 6 months later and I am still waiting for the 112.00 owed to me. Went to the store that finally opened and I was told I have to wait another 30 days. Those workers were also rude. Optimum does not care how they treat customers

  90. Armen Voskanyan

    Optimum is not a company, its a nightmare. Their service is awful, simply horrible. Their customer service and support are the worst , rudest and the most depressive ever possible to deal with . After several months, after 35 calls, after 11 technicians visits i have made a best decision ever – canceled the service . I will NEVER come back to optimum and hopefully believe this company will disappear from market soon

  91. They are horrible. I am currently enduring an equally frustrating experience. I have been trying to schedule a technician to come start service at my new home unsuccessfully since August 20th. They missed and rescheduled three appointments. I am now rescheduled for September 13th. I highly doubt they will meet that date too. All this grief just to have the “pleasure” of paying the inept organization thousands of dollars per year for service.

  92. You should file a complaint with the BBB = Better Business Bureaut!
    I had a recurring problem with optimum in May when I had to work remotely. I couldn’t even reach anyone virtually Then I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in my state. I received a call within one week from the Central administrative office for optimum from my region. All was solved immediately. You should try it.

  93. I am in Asbury Park NJ, but I think we share the exact same frustration, dated changed, no follow up, place on hold and calls terminated when being transferred, no return calls when one is requested. The customer service and even the equipment is horrible.

  94. We have had all the problems mentioned. Terrible customer service. Most don’t understand or speak English. Have tried to contact several times for supervisor never a call back. Switched to Altice one year ago horrible service. Went back to regular Optimum double charges for internet. Can’t get ahold of anyone to go over bill. Our town has actually filed FCC charges still no satisfaction.

  95. I also have optimum and I have never been late paying my bill but getting quality service from Optimum is a myth! That company hires the idiotic most stupidest people from the bottom of the brainless barrel…god knows speaking to Optimim customer service and getting results is futile! Not a single person at Optimum cares!

  96. This is a typical Optimum experience and I’ve certainly dealt with the same B.S. from them.

    We decided we’d had enough of their horrible, over-priced service. We wanted to cancel phone and TV, and just keep the Internet. I called and asked for the (as advertised) $49.00 monthly Internet service and was told that was “only available for new subscribers” and for us to downgrade would cost $99.00 per month. An absolute racket if I’ve ever seen one.

    Not to be dissuaded, we canceled our service completely and resubscribed and now have Internet only for the new subscribers rate. (Fyi, you need to resubscribe using a different name and mobile number. We switched from my name and phone to my wife’s.) . F’ Optimum!

    We now eliminated a phone we never used and 150 channels of useless crap, and signed up for YouTube TV. We are quite happy.

    Something worth noting is that YouTube TV raised their rates from $49 to $65 only a month after we made the switch. Imagine our surprise!

    The happy ending to the story is that YouTube TV allows up to 5 simultaneous users. Because we have two homes, we were able to cancel our Verizon Fios account in our second house and share the YouTube account. Our total savings is around $2,400 per year. Nothing to sneeze at!

    By the way, Verizon was far more than accommodating. They canceled our phone and TV with the same lower rate for Internet that a new subscriber would be given. No bait and switch like Optimum.

    The good news here is, given enough time, Optimum will disappear. Like most companies that provide sub-standard services, and refuse to progress with the times, they’re doomed.

    R.I.P. Optimum!!

  97. It should be illegal for foreign companies to own USA utilities and critical infrastructure. That’s the first problem. Where are our legislators that are allowing stuff like this to happen? They are partly to blame.

  98. Michael Esposito

    It’s been all downhill since Altice took over. Optimum is a sinking ship. Karma will get them .Streaming sticks are the future.Just bought one and will no longer need cable tv!

  99. Natalie Francis

    Its the worse cable company i have my problem with them.I just hope that who’s in charge of that company is aware what’s going on optimum they just don’t care!!!!!!!!!

  100. I am presently having this same issue with Optimum. They have no customer etiquette , especially after waiting 2 hours to speak to a representative. I have been requesting fir a technician to be sent out since April 2020 they refuse to send out technicians unless you are a new customer opening a new line of service. My experience is that they are racist to the Black community because they know we do not have any other cable options so they steal our money and provide us with limited to no service. I have 7 (Seven) cable boxes and they refuse to service my boxes as we were continuously experiencing television issues. This past Friday September 4th 2020 I called Optimum for the 3rd time this week about one of my boxes which is completely not working and the customer representative suggested I return the cable box at one of their locations or Optimum can mail out a new cable box through Fed Ex which will take 8 to 10 business days. I said I would like the box to be mailed out to me then the representative says Fed Ex is known for damaging the cable boxes unpon delivery therefore, if I receive a damaged box I will have to return it and wait again, he suggested it would be better I drop off and pick up a new box. I said why did you give me the option if you know it will be a difficult situation.
    My other present issue is that Optimum robbed me by charging me $80 for a cancellation fee. The technician lied to the company saying they came to my home but the technician never showed up. Myself and family were sitting in the house waiting and no one ever called or rang the bell. I HATE OPTIMUM, nothing but RACIST THIEVES and LIARS. This company is a DISGRACE how they BOLDLY STEAL from their Customers. And the customer representative laugh when I state my concerns. And just like the previous post mentioned Supervisor are NEVER available.
    I HATE OPTIMUM nothing but RACIST THIEVES and LIARS. This company is a DISGRACE!!!!

  101. I am finished with Optimum. During the last major storm, they weren’t even answering their phones. It would prompt you through a series of options only to hang up on you. The first email communication update that I received was 2-3 days after the storm in which they stated that they recently became aware of a service disruption. AYKM? I was so frustrated with their lack of communication and service, that I made the switch to Fios. When I returned the equipment they told me I would have to pay the full months bill since I was my billing cycle started 3 days ago which fell on a Friday. They’re not open on Saturdays or Sundays and I returned equipment on Monday.

    This company is a total joke, not to mention their Altice One service required regular rebooting of the boxes due to freezing up. Do yourself a favor and stay clear.

  102. Michael Marciano

    We should start a class action lawsuit against them….i have had a long history of similar issues w them…it is very vey very time consuming and frustrating to say the at the very least…to pay for a service and be so powerless over receiving less than a sub-optimum product w no means of repercussions for giving us shit and making us pay for it..

    • Celeste Champagne

      It would be complicated and expensive to start a class-action lawsuit, but you are correct that it is needed. Don’t know how much good it would do in the end as we are so powerless against this monopoly, and they have choosen to downgrade how they run the Optimum company since purchasing it from the Dolans. And I complained about them!

      • Forget a class action suit, call the Attorney General’s office to investigate for corporate criminal malfeasance

  103. Shailesh Bhuta

    sucks absolutely , never ever to go back to there service ever.
    They installed service immediately within 5 days had issues with internet called for someone to check person came and I was charged $80 while I was told there won’t be any charges. Keep calling after 1.30min someone picks up some were in south America and let me connect to supervisor another half hour on and gets disconnected. This is the optimum service disgusting.

  104. Leishia McMillan-Morant

    Optimum is the worst cable company ever you never ever get a supervisor or a call back from one

  105. David Lichtenheim

    The Company Optimum owned by Altice is a JOKE, it should not be allowed to operate in the US. It is really time to take the Bull by the Horns and read Custumer Complaints. Get rid of these bad actors.

  106. Kimberly Jones

    I had a very similar experience! Optimum is horrible!

  107. Tokunboh Adeniji

    In June, I called optimum to lower my bills because I couldn’t afford it anymore, I was paying $220 monthly for a Tv I hardly watch. I requested for a promotion or downgrade of the service.
    When the representative refused to help in any way, I asked for a service disconnection and she literally said ” Are sure you want your kids without TV during this pandemic, I don’t think any other provider will be sending in technicians” I was so disgusted by her attitude.
    I dropped and called back, spoke to a guy who helped to lower my bill by $20. I am still looking into disconnecting, it’s too expensive 😢.

  108. I have an equally frustrating story with Optimum. I’m still waiting for a call back from a supervisor from May 2nd after trying several times to get through prior.
    I too have asked to speak to a supervisor several times after that and no one is available. I had a service appointment that no one ever showed for.
    I thought I was able to cancel my cable 3 times (one day spending most of the time on hold) since May but it was never put through their system each time… I finally waited 40 minutes in line to return their equipment at an Optimum store last week only to be told that my cable was still active after cancelling the week before.
    I do not know how this company is able to be so unaccountable. By me, they are the only one to offer cable and internet and it’s unfortunate that their customer service is awful at best.
    I have even filled out their surveys pleading for help but it’s fallen on deaf ears. How is their no accountability?

  109. I agree they are horrible. Had no service for 8 days after the storm. Every reps story is different

  110. Just cancelled as well. Their customer service is abysmal!!!

  111. Optimum is herendous. They cheated me out of $200 gift card because I was a few days late in paying my first bill. There was a discrepancy in the amount quoted to me for service. I tried calling but was put on hold and then call dropped after waiting 2 hours. Tried several times. I questioned why I’m no entitled to the 200 they said I was late paying the bill. I had paid everything but the 70$ discrepancy. So for 70$ I lost 200$. Makes sense. I tried speaking to a supervisor . But got disconnected or redirected. They even told me to call a the card hot line. It was a phone number to a credit card company that mails out the gift card. They don’t determine who gets it.
    My service is terrible too. The dvr shuts off random times. You can’t use it other times. My husband has to unplug it, wait and then replug it at least once a day. We’ve been taking bets to see if it will turn on or not.
    Netflix sometimes won’t turn on. The remote voice command doesn’t work. But you can’t call them. Your on hold forever.
    Someone needs to intervene for its customers.
    Verizon knows the shifty service optimum gives so they are charging 40$ more a month for same program.

  112. Hey you are not alone. I change Fios for Optimum early July because we had move out from Irvington Ny to Yonkers Ny. Since we got Optimum we can’t make international calls. That is very unprofessional on their part. I still hope soon they will find the way how to accommodate us to do it.
    Different circumstances than yours but I feel for you. So far no competition with Fios.

  113. OMG!! I am shocked beyond belief by unanimity of the complainants about Optimum! This is as horrible and disgusting as being one of Mickey Rooney’s 8 wives.

  114. Bibi S. Itwaru

    That’s what happened when you sold an American computer to a foreign company and they fired all the great email and excellent customer service we accustomed too.

  115. Natalia Marzullo

    I completely understand you. They did something similar to me. Scheduled an appointment and waited and no onw showed up and I got charged 80 dollars for a no show. ” I got charged for it” I called many times and I got transferred many times and started over the conversation with a different customer representative. I asked to talked to a supervisor and finally talked to a “fake” one who told me that I will get credit for those 80 dollars. I SAID fake because I never got credited for and when I called again they didny have any info or note about and credit. I got tired of calling and give in. But maybe is time to do something about this.

  116. I moved on from Optimum after having eerly similar experience. The service had gone from bad to worse, the customer service is horrendous and the only thing that goes up is the monthly fee. I changed providers several months ago and I am still getting bills for service that occurred after our switch. Can’t believe I put up with it for so long.

  117. During the pandemic, many customer service reps are working from home, and using cell phones as they walk around their house. Hopefully your rep was located in the US – I have been dealing with overseas call centers whose reps have limited command of English, read from scripts, and repeat everything you say. You must keep notes with the date, time, and names of reps, then call the corporate office to lodge your complaint.

  118. I have been an Optimum customer for over 30 years. Ever since Optimum was sold, it’s service and support have gone down. Slowly replacing people with IVR and automated computer responses and lengthened hold times only to end up at the same place one starts. A 10 minute discussion to someone technically capable is replaced by a 30 minute trip through computer-based responses usually with no problem resolution or answer to a technical question. Meanwhile, those of us sticking with a cable box get worse service and higher bills. Since dish services are the only competition to cable, we get what we get I guess.

  119. I have been an Optimum customer for over 30 years. Ever since Optimum was sold, it’s service and support have gone down. They have slowly replacing people with IVR and ccomplicated menus and lengthened hold times only to end up at the same place one starts. A 10 minute discussion to someone technically capable is replaced by a 30 minute trip through computer-based responses usually with no problem resolution or answer to a technical question. Meanwhile, those of us sticking with a cable box get worse service and higher bills. Since dish services are the only competition to cable, we get what we get I guess.

  120. Try tweeting them @Optimum Help. They generally reply quickly and at least you don’t have to sit on hold for hours.

  121. Optimum is extremely poor in telephone service and returning call.
    Automated service!!!!
    What a customer can do with this
    Time to have “apple—fi” so we can get rid of this hated most expensive service.

  122. I have been a long time Optimum (Altice) customer. Without giving you my diatribe…I’ll just say “They SUCK”! (They have a monopoly in my area, #No Choice! )

  123. That is sort of what happened to us only worse.
    lost power and cable lines down august 4th. power was restored august 18th.
    called cable to fix the downed wire and got the same run around as you only worse.
    our window was from 10am to 8pm.
    Twice I took off from work and no one showed.
    even though it said on line under our account we had an appointment, they said there was no appointment scheduled.
    we had appointments scheduled for one day but a different day showed.up on line
    we had it say on line our appointment was next . only to change to no service appointments once and rescheduled to another day just this past Saturday.

  124. I had an excact situation. 3 apts. Made, 3 no shows, no calls, no nothing. 1 apt. They said was never made. Ive been goin back and forth for 3 months with them. Not to mention were over paying for their crappy service that shuts off everyday, and has so many glitches. Everyday i have to reset my cable box to pair so i can see the info and guids, dvr ect.

  125. Victoria Sexton

    I have had similar issues with being on the phone for more than 4 hours getting cut off . By then I was very upset but stay very calm because I was determined to stay on as long as I had to to get the problem I needed resolved I cannot believe they shove you into a corner when there’s no other service available in my area their prices are never the same it’s only what benefits them it is a disgrace by the very least I think one of those news people that self problems should diving deep to optimum because it’s just a rip-off it makes me extremely upset I’ve had cable TV two boxes DVR at one point and was paying the same amount I’m paying now without one of the boxes no more cable TV and I still have the DVR now does anybody see a problem with that? I do!!!!!! Somebody from a cable company told me never ever when you go to a new cable company let them push you into the deal because the three deal thing that they give you is a way to upcharge you and this was from somebody from the company so not quite sure if that’s true haven’t tried it yet but I would definitely ask someone who knows like a lawyer dealing with contracts like this.


  127. Partne E. Daugherty

    File a complaint with your State Attorney General.

  128. Optimum is the WORST!!! I’ve been with them over 7 years, and the coaxial cable outside of my building went bad, they charged me $80 to fix it. I refused to pay it and I tried speaking to a billing supervisor EIGHT times, each time to no avail, they said they’d call me back and never did, 8 times. On the nineth time, I finally got through to a supervisor, who said they couldn’t remove the charge, so I told them they’re losing my business over $80. I’ve since signed up for FiOS, waiting for it to come in so I can cut off my Optimum service.

  129. Nina Brown-Lane

    I am experiencing the same treatment in Optimum’s customer service. We have not have Internet service since August 10. After driving to the Bethpage office to get a new modem, instead of waiting almost 2 weeks for a tech visit, the trip was a waste of time because it did not restore service. After TWO scheduled tech visits, one of them supposedly scheduled by “Sharma” and turned out to be a lie, and the second where the tech “no showed”, we are now waiting on a THIRD scheduled visit. I am, of course, being charged for Internet service I havent had since AUGUST 10!!

  130. Sandra DeJesus

    I have been trying to speak to a representative for the past 5 months and NOTHING. The recording says we will call you back in less than 45 minutes and I’m still waiting 5 months later. This is outrageous, but if you late on payment there’s that person pushing buttons to disconnect your service. As soon as I get someone on the phone I will go cableless.

  131. I had the same problem with them. On hold forever and always someone with an Indian accent. Did they transfer they’re CS to India? The technician that came to the house had very limited English skills. He couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Getting near 5 pm I guess it was leaving time. He made up some bull that I had electricity running through the cable wire. He said he was shocked. He called his boss and put him on speaker. I told them to show me I’ll take the shock. I touched everything no shock. I told him to GTF out now! These are contracted technicians. Brutal CS, horrible technicians. I switched to Verizon the next week. I couldn’t believe how down hill this company went. They go cheap by outsourcing customer service and technicians. Never going back!!!

  132. Optimum is the worst. I subscribed 20 years and last 10 years for internet only. During the last 5 years, Optimum kept asking upgrading for faster speed every now and then. And couple of months later Optimum raised price even though I didn’t ‘upgraded’ service. Now I pay $92.15. It was less than $50- a few years back. I feel speed got no faster, some times slower. But I lived in a condo complex and no other internet option. That’s why I had to use Optimum…

  133. John K. Hyland

    I have been having a very similar proble with my service. We need to be able to someone in the State public service commission to start an action against Altice/Optimum immediately. They are absolutely horrible

  134. Melody Alderman

    Your experience is extremely typical of cable service. They don’t care, they just want every penny they can get while providing lousy service or no service at all with a side order of run around and inconvenience.

  135. Once again, too many commenters are not using full, real names. This thread is closed to comments.

  136. Cablevision is one of the most unprofessional cable companies. I hate to say but I had many uncomfortable situations with them. They have customer service that really stink and I want to disconnect my services sometime soon. They are unreliable in every way.

  137. Harryhsong@yahoo.com

    I found and read this thread on 9/6 when I searched for complaints again Optimum after seeing $80 service charge on my bill and online chat with them didn’t get it resolved. I lost internet service for 3 days and 2/3 of my township lost power due to a severe thunderstorm but luckily my family still had power and the only issue was my internet down. Confirmed with my next door neighbor that his Optimum was working fine and my modem lights all went off after a few attempts to power on and off repeatedly, I bought a new modem from BustBuy and connected it myself . However, the remote Optimum support still could not detect my new modem. I asked for a technician to come to my home. The next day he came and fixed it. I asked how he fixed it before he left, he replied that he removed the extra connector adaptor from my new modem and reconnected the modem without it. He left without leaving me a paper work , unlike years ago when they always did. Then my September cable bill shows the $80 service fee and their change of my lift-long plan of $48 Internet only to regular charge plus tax. Calling them once regarding the charge and chatting online with them before the call , they insisted it It was a rewiring charge based on the note the technician put on their records and kept ignoring my claim. At the end of the call, they told me they will call me back within 48 hours , but nothing happened ! When I received my Oct bill I made a call to them again and warned them I would file a small court claim if they refused to resolve it. They told me my complaint was being escalated to a supervisor and they would call me back in 4 to 5 hours. But again they never called me back. Going back to the history, the Sep thunderstorm brought down one of my big tree which hit the underground route of my cable wiring outside and I suspect that might had caused my internet issue. And on diagnosis phone call, they just could not detect my old modem and I gave them a hint that 2/3 of my township families lost power and of course Cable internet. Then they said “oh I confirmed your area has an outage , please wait for sometime” . The fact is my and my next door neighbor were 1/3 of families without losing the power and his Optimum was not affected either. I waited 3 days and made a few calls to Optimum to help them diagnose my internet issue while they misleading me! Eventually the technician confirmed my old cable box was dead and his removing an extra component from my new cable modem resolved my internet issue. One day last week, Optimum kept pushing warning message to my phone asking “are you the cable account owner?” . The first time I answered YES. The annoying message kept appearing each time I used Wi-Fi for web browsing so I answered “NO” when the message appeared again. As of now I am not sure if this billing issue of $80 is resolved or not. I can check my account online to find out. One thing I am sure I will keep my promise to pursue this issue till my satisfaction while they keep breaking their promises!

  138. harryhsong@yahoo.com

    October 8, 2020 at 12:51 AM
    PISCATAWAY, NJ – There may be relief in sight for Piscataway residents who have cable TV and internet services from Optimum, services that have proven unreliable in recent months as many turned to online learning and work-from-home opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic only to have to deal with weak signals, unexpected outages and poor customer service.

    “Working and studying from home during this coronavirus pandemic are dependent on reliable internet service,” said Mayor Brian Wahler in a letter sent to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) in September, demanding an investigation into the company’s practices.

    The NJBPU provides oversight of state regulations of the cable TV industry. Municipalities are only able to make inquiries into concerns.