Unsung Heroes #157

Zulma Heidelberg writes:

My husband Ernie and I have been very active members of the Westport Community Emergency Response Team. He was CERT president for 13 years, and I helped him for a long time.

[NOTE: The Community Emergency Response Team is one of Westport’s most important — and unheralded — volunteer organizations. CERT provides aid during and after hurricanes, blizzards, power and communication failures — you name it. If Westport needs help, CERT is there.

They’re there for non-emergencies too. CERT assists at big public events, like the Compo Beach fireworks and Maker Faire. And they offer education programs in personal preparedness, active shooter awareness and response, and situations involving domestic and international terrorism.]

Westport CERT volunteers, at a training session.

In July, I got very sick and needed emergency surgery. I spent a week at Norwalk Hospital.

When I returned home my family was overwhelmed taking care of me around the clock, cooking and overseeing the household.

Mike Vincelli

We reached out to current CERT president Mike Vincelli and senior member Andrée Brooks. They immediately came to our rescue. They formed a “Food Train,” and for the following 4 weeks members cooked and delivered food to our door.

Friends and neighbors helped too.

We are infinitely grateful for the help we received.

CERT helps every Westporter — friends and strangers, old-timers and newcomers, and everyone in between. They “CERTainly” deserve kudos as Unsung Heroes of the Week! For more information on the organization, click here or email certwestport@gmail.com.

Zulma and Ernie Heidelberg. (Photo/Pam Einarsen)

4 responses to “Unsung Heroes #157

  1. Definitely a worthwhile and under appreciated group. I would be interested in helping. I do however spend the winter at my Florida home. I would welcome someone contact me. Peter Mihalick Westport

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  2. Mike Vincelli does more for Westport, Weston, Wilton AND neighboring towns in response to and preparation for often behind the scenes then anyone realizes, He is also an Unsung Hero in my book!

  3. I worked with Mike Vincelli during his tenure in Greenwich. Top notch professional always willing to help out. We miss you Mike!