The Yarn Bomber: Molly Alger’s Magical Sequel

One of the pandemic’s bright spots — literally as well as figuratively — is the Yarn Bomber.

Knitting by day, then wrapping trees and signposts in colorful displays, she brought joy to countless Westporters who have no idea who she is.

Yarn bombing at Compo Beach (Photo/Judy Auber Jahnel)

Then she played it forward. She offered a virtual knitting course. For just $50, aspiring bombers got needles, yarn, 5 days of instruction (1 hour a day), videos, online tutorials, and a yarn bomb of their own. 

When I publicized the class on “06880,” Molly Alger leaped into action.

Communicating by email, they agreed she would leave $50 under her front door mat. The yarn bomber would leave needles and yarn on the porch, at a time when Molly would not be home.

They followed up with online sessions. Molly already knew how to knit, but the anonymous instructor taught her how to make a “bomb.” They chatted as they worked. “It was delightful!” Molly says.

She nicknamed the bomber “Pearl” (as in purl, a common knitting stitch).

They chose a tree on Molly’s property. “Pearl” came by at night to help with the installation.

Molly Alger holds a flashlight during the installation.

“It was so much fun!” Molly says. “A beaming bright spot in the midst of the pandemic, and something for my husband and me to enjoy every day on our property.”

Next up: Molly plans to do some yarn bombs for friends.

Looks like this is one pandemic idea that should go viral.

The finished yarn bomb product.

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