Friday Flashback #207

At the start of the beach season, our Friday Flashback featured Chubby Lane’s — the long-time, much loved Compo Beach concession located where the volleyball courts are now.

It drew (of course) dozens of comments.

But Chubby’s was hardly the first food service at the beach.

Jim Gray made a collage of concession stand postcards that predate Chubby’s by decades.

They were way before my time. I don’t know the back story for any of them. The buildings changed over the years — but you can tell it’s the same spot, by the distinctive small turret at the top of each one.

(Photo collage courtesy of Jim Gray)

If you have any information on any of these iterations, click “Comments” below.

9 responses to “Friday Flashback #207

  1. India van Voorhees

    Here’s my question:
    When I used to come to Compo Beach for the summer with my mother (roughly 1961 – 1965) it wasn’t called Chubby’s — it was called The Pavilion.
    In my (possibly faulty) memory the interior was one enormous 3-sided counter, where all the cooking and milkshake making was done right in front of you. You could smell the mouthwatering charbroiling burgers all the way to Westport Ave! I can almost still smell them! And it seemed to me it was very open … as if you could roll up the screens in the windows, or something like that. Or maybe it WAS all open and they closed large doors at night?
    Does anyone remember what I’m remembering?
    Am I correct to say it was called The Pavilion?

    • Peter Barlow

      Yes, it was called the Pavilion, even when it was Chubby’s, tho people who knew Chubby called it Chubby’s. I painted his large menu signs way back then. I also remember the wonderful aromas.
      Of the four photos, the one at the lower left is closest to it’s later look. There were probably wooden window panels, hinged at the top, that opened during the day, with or without screens.
      The name “Pavilion” has lived on at the beach on several structures. I think there will always be something called the “Pavilion.”

      • India van Voorhees

        Thank you!! Yes, wooden hinged window panels, that’s it. And huge ceiling fans. Oh I’m so glad to have my memory confirmed.
        (P.S. to Dan Woog … those photos are difficult to see, even when using a magnifier tool. Maybe you could ask Mr. Gray if he could give them to you individually?!)

        • If you hover over or click on (depending on your browser), they enlarge significantly.

          • India van Voorhees

            Yes I know how to do that but for some reason it isn’t happening.
            So I downloaded and enlarged, but they’re very fuzzy and don’t enlarge well.

      • India van Voorhees

        And yes, Peter, the photo on the lower left is the one that looks most like what The Pavilion looked like in the early ’60s. I remember that side door so well. I can’t read the writing on the postcard, but I think it even says “Pavilion” – from what few letters I can make out.

  2. Grant Monsarrat

    Does anyone have any photos of Chubby Lane? I was a regular there every summer overdosing on Sugar Daddies, but I can’t for the life of me recall what he looked like.

  3. Grant Monsarrat

    Does any have any photos of Chubby Lane to post? I spent many summers there overdosing on Sugar Daddys, but can’t for the life of me recall what he looked like.

  4. Marguerite Bunny Franco

    Even I don’t remember Chubby Lane looking like this! My four kids (now, adults) all loved this! That was where “dinner” was served on a blanket.
    A mob scene w/Ah! The good old days!!!