After The Deluge

Once again (and again and again), Westport is cleaning up from a strong storm.

Last night’s series of downpours did not deliver the devastation of previous rain and wind. A possible tornado thankfully never materialized.

Still, 42 customers remain without power this morning (down from a high of 650). A driver narrowly escaped tragedy when she was trapped on Wilton Road, after a tree tangled with wires crashed onto her car.

Here is a reminder of Mother Nature’s force …

Golf ball-size hail. (Photo/Adrian Mueller)

… and her beauty:

Route 57 and Lyons Plains Road. (Photo/Ilene Frost)

4 responses to “After The Deluge

  1. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    I am pleased to read that the storm did not live up to its “advertised” possible potential. I am sorry about any damage that occurred. Stay safe Westport. I miss you.

  2. Not a tornado? I don’t have. a picture but some force beyond a usual wind actually ripped up part of my backyard and watched as the back table. and umbrella and 4 heavy chairs went SAILING and broke apart.. Perhaps a mini-tornado?

  3. Ray O'Sullivan

    That hail is nothing, Talk to me when you have baseball and grapefruit size that shatter your windshield or peel the roof off your house like it was butter. Or strip your trees and make it look like winter. Those are barely pennies from heaven. I see dollars where I live.