Weather Or Not

Just a few minutes before 6 p.m., this was the scene at Owenoke, from Compo’s South Beach:

But if you turned 180 degrees you saw this, over Cockenoe Island:

(Photos/Dan Woog)

Five minutes later, the Owenoke clouds prevailed. The skies opened up; the wind roared with Isaias-like ferocity.

Five minutes after that, it was all over. The sun came out everywhere.

A severe thunderstorm watch remains in effect though, until 10 p.m.

23 responses to “Weather Or Not

  1. Irene Mastriacovo

    Sun came out and so did our power, again! Went out at 5:55 pm and was told no reported update on when it will be restored. Just like yesterday’s outage from 8-10:30 pm. Wonder what the winter storms will do?!

  2. Nice contrast! And is that all one new house in the blue on Owenoke?

  3. Nancy Wilson

    And again…thank you Eversource. No power. Let’s see how long it takes this time.

  4. It’s been wacky up here in NH too. Great opportunity for sky photos though.

  5. Joshua Stein

    And as usual there was ample warning yet kayakers thought it would be okay to go out and stay out in the weather. Several manoverboards had to be rescued. Very selfish not only puts their own lives at risk but first responders and civilian boaters.

  6. And once again there was a power outage on Woodside Lane. Thanks Eversource!

    • Joshua Stein

      How is this eversource fault? There was a storm. Trees fall. Gusts were over 60mph.

  7. Vanessa Bradford

    Especially the Westport Police on duty Marine officers !

    • Irene Mastriacovo

      Finally an update-estimate time for power restore in Old Hill is 11:30 🤞

  8. I saw pictures from Westport Fire….
    Wires burning in the fallen trees and tree limbs.
    Don’t blame Eversource.
    Do some due diligence, either prune down or just take down the trees in question especially those wrapped with vines that are mingled and tangled in the power lines.
    The vines are aging your trees faster and they come down much easier in storms. The vines and ivy don’t make things prettier, they age the trees and such the life out of them. This also applies to brick walls and homes ivy climbing up the walls and side of homes and breaks apart the mortar.

  9. Joshua Stein

    Tomorrow there is already a severe weather outlook: “The storm prediction center has placed the area in an enhanced risk for severe thunderstorms Thursday afternoon into Thursday evening. Severe thunderstorms are likely with damaging wind gusts of 60 mph or higher, along with large hail as the primary threats. An isolated tornado is also possible.” So how many kayakers are going to need to be rescued tomorrow despite there being a 24 hour warning?

    • Mary Schmerker

      It does look like once “Laura” has had her way with the Gulf Coast she will be looking to visit Connecticut. Here’s hoping Laura will peter out long before she gets to Connecticut.

      • Wishing good luck to all “06880” readers in Laura’s path.

        • Mary Cookman Schmerker

          Looks like we are clear this time in the Houston Area. I wonder if there are any other Westporters here. I will report tomorrow and will be watching for 06880 as you have had more than your share this year, If all was fair you wouldn’t have any more weather events this year.

          • Wendy Cusick

            Mary, good to hear.
            We have a Severe Thunderstorm Warning in effect for tomorrow. Just like yesterday’s thunderstorm just stronger….

            • Mary Cookman Schmerker

              Hi Wendy, Thanks for the links you posted above. Fascinating information. I hope you eventually see this slow response from me. Even here locally the national political news has overshadowed the devastation the storm caused East of here and in Louisiana. Thankfully, apparently most followed advice and the loss of life was kept to a minimum. Or at least that was the report last night. This might be a little bit corny but thanks for being an 06880 friend. Thanks Dan for all the connections you make.