Friday Flashback #206

Confirmation that a tornado touched down in Westport during Tropical Storm Isaias sent “06880” reader/devoted postcard historian Seth Schachter scurrying to check his collection.

Sure enough, he found this — from 1900. The caption says: “Result of TORNADO at Main and Elm Streets, Westport, Conn.”

Between buildings that no longer exist and the downed trees, it’s hard to tell exactly what we’re seeing. But I’m pretty sure the view is looking north on Main Street. Elm Street would be off to the right. I think the white building at the end, with columns, still stands opposite Brooks Corner. Just before it is the current site of the 3-story Gap. What do you think?

Meanwhile, we’re left to wonder: 120 years ago, how long did it take Eversource to come?

7 responses to “Friday Flashback #206

  1. Forever Source?

  2. Is that the C&H Trinity Church in the far background? That would make this view looking down Elm.

  3. Jill Turner Odice

    It looks like the white house with a porch in front is where Francois duPont Jewelers ( Sweazy?)used to be? Looking at an old photo of Main Street, Their building had 1 window on top with 3 under it and the big window on ground level…

  4. But, before it was Sweesey’s it was Frank Zack’s, a men’s clothing store.

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