Roundup: Halloween (!), More

Halloween is 75 days away. But CVS and Stop & Shop have already stocked up on holiday goods. Though I wonder: Does anyone actually send Halloween cards?

Meanwhile: Can Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte be far behind?

(Photo/Les Dinkin)

And finally … today is the 51st anniversary of the final full day of Woodstock. There were so many legendary performances that Sunday, August 17, 1969 — including this one:

6 responses to “Roundup: Halloween (!), More

  1. My mother told me that my brother and a friend had gone to a concert!!! She had no clue.

  2. Michael Vitelli

    Wanna take you higher!

  3. Sure, start cranking out everything Halloween related…..after all, why not since this year has been epitome of Trick or Treat, although pretty much all Tricks so far!! There just has to be a few Treats in store for us in the remaining months? Let’s hope….

  4. Will there even BE a 🎃 Halloween…?
    Seriously asking… @Compobeach ?

  5. I was in a Philadelphia bar with a friend in the 1960’s when he suggested we go to a concert in New York. I passed because of my job responsibilities. He went. I don’t remember what those crucial responsibilities were, but I do know I missed Woodstock. Lesson: seize the time!

  6. Gregoire R. Sideleau

    BJ’s has the Starbucks pumpkin spice whole bean coffee in stock now.

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