Entitled Parking And Dunkin’: It’s A Thing

Yesterday, “06880” ran a photo of a Range Rover taking up 3 parking spaces by Dunkin’ in Bridge Square.

Today, another alert reader spotted another vehicle hogging another 3 spots, near another Dunkin’. This one was opposite Fresh Market.

(Photo/Aaron Tobin)

Hey, don’t blame us.

Yesterday’s car had New York plates. Today’s tags are from Florida.

17 responses to “Entitled Parking And Dunkin’: It’s A Thing

  1. Bill Strittmatter

    Probably just trying to ensure social distancing.

  2. Robert Byrnes

    Maybe, being from Florida, they’re social distancing? 😂

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  3. John L Krause

    Leased cars can be registered almost anywhere…

  4. Cathy Barnett

    They seem to park that way at Whole Foods along the fence next to the cemetery. It’s a big parking lot and a lot of cars are spread out and in the spaces. But why along the fence near the entrance into the lot?! Will have to snap a photo and you can add that to your entitled parking file.

  5. Someone should call Range Rover – they may have a “parking” malfunction!!!

    • maryschmerker

      Yup! It is probably one of those cars where you push a button and it parks itself. Sure looks like it is taking up three spaces. If it was Texas plates I would say it is because they are used to wide open spaces. Since it is Florida, of it it was Texas or Arizona I would say stay well social distanced…..

      • Sry, when you push a button on “one of those cars” to self park it uses Radar, Hi Def Cameras and Sensors to ensure it stays within the lines. Perhaps Range Rover will look to develop this technology in the future to help its drivers park….

  6. Nancy Powers Conklin

    WHAT are all these out-of-state people doing here anyway? They should be quarantining, shouldn’t they????

    • Peter Gambaccini

      Read the comment by Alan Phillips below. Quite a few Westporters are also Florida residents and homeowners. I personally know many.

    • Janet Trager

      They could actually be Westport residents. We have had the experience after a tree in our yard fell on both the house and the car, we have had to rent vehicles from Avis and Enterprise. Both vehicles have out-of-state plates. And we are Westport residents. In all likelihood, these folks needing such large spaces actually live here. Regardless, it is rather rude!

  7. Christopher Saxe

    Perhaps all that coffee they are drinking required a mad dash to the bathroom?

  8. Alan Phillips

    I bet the The Florida plate is owned by a local resident who now reside in FL 183 days a year to avoid paying CT Income tax.

  9. Michele Pucci

    That’s a FLORIDA PARK

  10. Amy Schneider

    It was a DD Perks emergency. Today with any purchase of a food item, you get a free medium hot or iced coffee. Driver probably wanted to hog the glazed donuts or the bacon, egg, and cheese bagels before DD ran out of them.

  11. What exactly is the sensibility offense? The Range Rover? The parking? I mean they are likely spending money here. And possibly own a home here. And possibly a neighbor. Is everyone you know unselfish, kind and considerate? Not me

  12. Diana Shayon

    How about we create a simple note that is from all of us in Westport who really dislike people who are so inconsiderate of others to leave on the windshield – something like ‘I’ve take a picture of your car and the parking spaces you seem to need – It will be posted on 06880 – our neighborhood bulletin board – here in Westport, we try to be more considerate of each other – please don’t do this again.’

  13. Wendy Cusick

    They were out in force today….
    The CT plates AM***** white 4 door sedan (either a Bentley or a Genesis) blocking 3 spaces at a small mom and pop restaurant very near beach business when it was raining was rude and inconsiderate.
    If you had parked properly, two other cars could have parked and picked up a quick bite to eat too!
    Not cool….