At Longshore, Isaias Is Not Par For The Course

In his afternoon briefing on WWPT-FM (90.3) yesterday, fire inspector Nate Gibbons warned that golfers would find a very different course when Longshore reopens.

He’s not kidding.

Director Jen Fava’s crew has worked tirelessly to get the town jewel back in shape, after it took a particularly hard shot from Tropical Storm Isaias.

Here, for example, is — er, was — a white oak, along the end of the 18th hole fairway. Judging by its rings, it was 275 to 300 years old.

Brian Sikorski — who took the photo above — sent images of more damage, all over the course. Fortunately, no greens were damaged.

But Nate Gibbons was right. Golfers’ views are now very, very different.

(Photos/Brian Sikorski)

3 responses to “At Longshore, Isaias Is Not Par For The Course

  1. Jack Krayson

    Brian Sikorski,,,”The Cooper”

  2. Jack Krayson

    Dan,,,should read The Chopper

  3. Mark L Yurkiw

    So why are these professional tree guys clearing a town golf course when you can’t get there because the streets are littered with trees? I got nothing against golf but how can this be justified when we have a real emergency with our roads? seems like someone has their priorities misplaced. Please let us hear a rationale for this.