What’s Open? Find Out!

Jillian Elder left town Monday. But her “Finding Westport” site (click on the link) could be a lifesaver for this and area town. She hopes to update its with listings of businesses that are open (or closed).

If your business is fully open, open but can take online orders, open with no phone or internet, or is closed for today and tomorrow, let her know via Facebook or Instagram (@findingwestport) or email: submissions@findingwestport.com.

You can also post info on what’s open in the Comments section. As noted earlier, downtown in the Main Street area (including Starbucks and Freshii) is open! (As of this morning though, Starbucks had no WiFi.)

Cross Highway/North Avenue intersection is now open. (Photo/Dr. Edward Paul)

Jumbled kayaks, in the wake of Hurricane Isaias. (Photo/Brian Gold)

6 responses to “What’s Open? Find Out!

  1. Greetings! Is power being restored?

  2. Stew Leonard’s is open.
    Check last post for details. (I didn’t see this post until now)

  3. Westport Library has pretty good Wi-Fi outside (and I believe power if you can find an outdoor outlet), and the YMCA has good cell service outside (and is available for charging for members)

  4. XHighway and north is not open. Someone cut the tape early this morning. There are power lines on the street. The tree cannot be removed until the power company come. When I called 911 this morning because the tape was cut and there were power lines in the road, Westport PD objected and said it wasn’t an emergency. really??

  5. Whole Foods was closed when I drove by early this afternoon. Please try to avoid King’s Highway south near Birchwood Cty Club. Huge tree down on wires and cable across the road. Tried to turn around in driveway on right side but afraid I might back into something and pull something down. Back up and turn around in Birchwood lot

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