Storm Moves Away — But 92% Of Town Without Power

The rain appears to be over. Winds are abating, though still substantial. Most of the remnants of Hurricane/Tropical Storm/pain in the butt Isaias should be gone later tonight.

Now the cleanup begins.

And the power restoration.

It won’t be easy. At 4:45 p.m., Eversource reported that 11,723 customers lacked power — out of 12,632 in town. That’s 92.8%.

The good news: It was a tropical storm in August. Not a blizzard in January.

An enormous tree fell on Post Road West, near the Norwalk border. (Photo/Dr. Edward Paul)

Treadwell Avenue (Photo/Curtis Lueker)

Burritts Landing North (Photo/Lisa Gold)

NOTE: “06880” — meaning my house — is part of that 92.8% without power. Please be patient. I cannot post stories, or answer emails, tonight. Check back tomorrow …

6 responses to “Storm Moves Away — But 92% Of Town Without Power

  1. Here’s the tree down on Saugatuck Ave south of the Westport train station and north of Indian River Green. Two condos were also damaged from another fallen tree. No one was injured. Police have the road blocked.

  2. Main Street/Gorham Avenue sign got knocked over in the storm. Last seen being driven away by a guy in a Mazda. Warms the heart.

  3. Was it a confirmed tornado that touched down? multiple trees down all along Saugatuck Ave/Rt 136.

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