Marpe: Fight COVID Fatigue!

1st Selectman Jim Marpe says:

As we enter a new month of restrictions and regulations designed to keep ourselves and others safe, it is understandable that some are experiencing “COVID fatigue,” and perhaps becoming too relaxed in abiding by public health requirements.

Westport needs to remain vigilant. We must all maintain social distancing, not gather in large groups, practice diligent hand washing, and continue to be responsible by wearing a face covering whenever leaving our homes. This is especially important during the summer months when we are drawn outside to exercise, shop, dine outdoors and go to the beach.

Wearing a face covering properly over both the nose and mouth protects us, and protects those we may come in contact with. To those who forget, or choose not to wear a face covering: You are placing those around you in an uncomfortable position, and may put their health at risk. Remember to bring your face covering as if it were your cell phone!

There are some who may not agree with the actions that are being taken by town health and safety official. Please: Remember that the best interests of our residents and visitors are foremost in the decision-making process. We want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy all the town’s amenities in a safe and responsible manner while respecting family, neighbors and friends. Everyone can help by wearing a face covering and maintaining social distancing.

To date, we have not mandated the wearing of face coverings because my leadership team believes that residents’ personal responsibility in insuring the virus does not spread in this community has a much stronger impact than the imposition of a mandate. I am confident that residents, visitors and guests will be considerate of others. If we all wear face coverings, then we are setting a positive example to those around us. Please continue to be respectful of others, and wear face coverings properly at those times when you are required to do so.

Residents are reminded that weekend traffic and possible overcrowding at town beaches may result in early closure. In an abundance of caution and to insure public health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, when a beach reaches a capacity where it is deemed impossible to maintain social distancing, it will be closed to additional beachgoers. Signage at key intersections on local roadways will inform drivers if a beach is closed, and traffic will be diverted from the area. Parking on local streets to avoid the parking lots is not allowed.

Residents who wish to spend the day at a town beach are advised to arrive before 10 a.m. If a beach closes, it may reopen mid to late afternoon, provided safer conditions relative to crowds and social distancing are observed at that time. The town will make every effort to inform residents of the current conditions throughout the day via the Town of Westport and Parks and Recreation Department website homepages, and the Town and Parks and Recreation Facebook pages.

While in the Compo Beach area, please wear a face covering when walking on the boardwalk, using the restrooms or area sidewalks, or any other time when you are unable to maintain a 6-foot distance from others. Please have a face covering available at all times.


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10 responses to “Marpe: Fight COVID Fatigue!

  1. Today’s New York Times reported an increase in COVID-19 cases in Greenwich, due to large gatherings of people, primarily younger ones. I know how frustrating it must be to miss your friends, especially when the weather is so inviting. But think of the great parties you can have when the pandemic is over and you can really have something to celebrate!

  2. Michael Nayor

    Sadly people continue to defy the mask instruction down at Compo Beach. Many adults (not referring to children or teenagers) seem to derive certain pleasure from expressing their “individuality” by strutting about all over the area without a mask. Apparently no one is going to tell them what to do! There do not seem to be any patrols of the area and no attempt at enforcement so we rely on people’s good intentions and sense of civic responsibility. Hopefully it won’t take some serious incident to wake people up.

    • Richard Bortolot

      Totally concur with Michael. It is a shame that some adults and teenagers will not wear masks on the Compo sidewalks and boardwalk. I have been walking and jogging at Compo for many years. People and teens were always polite and followed the rules and etiquette. Now the pandemic has not only brought out the best in many of us, but also the worst. We need the face mask rule enforced at the beach. People not complying should be escorted out of the beach .

  3. Valerie Ann Leff

    Dan, would you please pass this on to Mr. Marpe:
    Face masks need to be mandated, too many people do not comply all over, and issued fines could help replenish town coffers.
    People are self-absorbed and entitled, but not wearing a mask could be the same as killing someone, and not murdering is definitely mandated.
    This should not be a volunteer effort.
    Thanks, Valerie

  4. Peter Maloney

    Please wear, or have a mask at the ready, when walking. Keep it simple S….; just pretend everyone has COVID19 . Protect yourself as you would like others to protect you.
    Don’t fake it, mask it!

  5. Amy Schneider

    I often walk into the street on Soundview and Hillspoint, with my mask on to avoid groups who aren’t wearing masks when walking on the narrow sidewalks. Luckily, so far, cars veer away from me. Please wear masks.

  6. Harris M. Falk

    The wearing of masks in public is already mandated by the State of Connecticut.

    What are the reasons the Town and its “leadership team” refuse to enforce the already existing mandate?

  7. Patrick Eastin

    Good luck you guys. Stay sharp with regard to face coverings, social distancing and hand washing protocol. Teach the kiddies this protocol as we really don’t know where this pandemic is going. Here in Arizona we have had an increase in the critical metrics of this pandemic. Folks simply must mask up, social distance & hand wash.To the extent needed, Arizonans are not doing this. Be safe, be well.

  8. Jack Backiel

    I even wear a mask when I write a comment for one of Dan’s fabulous stories! At my age, the more of my face is covered, the better I look.