Unsung Heroes #154

We lost the Levitt Pavilion this summer. The Westport Country Playhouse is dark. The movie theaters moved out before the millennium.

But — in the midst of a pandemic that caused the removal of even barbecue grills and picnic tables from Compo Beach — there’s still a bit of fun to be had.

The Remarkable Theater has ridden to Westport’s entertainment rescue. For the past few weeks — and continuing through August — the low-key organization has provided a passel of pop-up fun.

With a screen at the Imperial Avenue parking lot, and a great selection of movies — “Caddyshack,” “Scream,” Do the Right Thing” — they’ve salvaged our summer.

Drive-in movies, courtesy of the Remarkable Theater.

They’ve lent their expertise to others. This Friday’s cabaret — organized by recent Staples High School graduates — is a great example of how, in just a few weeks, they’ve embedded themselves into our community.

And here’s the best part: The Remarkable Theater offers plenty of employment opportunities for people with disabilities. It’s a win-win for everyone.

The website says: “The ‘Remarkable’ name honors the Remarkable Book Shop, a beloved landmark that once sat at the end of Westport’s Main Street. The name also pays tribute to the abilities and potential of our Remarkable workforce.”

It’s a remarkable success story. Thank you to leaders like Doug Tirola, Marina Derman, Sharuna Mahesh, Stacie Curran, Marjorie Jacobson, and everyone else involved who brings life to downtown, and hope to us all.

You are our Oscar-worthy Unsung Heroes of the Week.


5 responses to “Unsung Heroes #154

  1. danamccreesh

    Truly Remarkable What a gift this theatre is right now!

  2. This is a Remarkable Project with Remarkable Promise for the greater Westport community that will be a boost for entertainment, inclusion and opportunity. Kudos to all for the vision and efforts that are making this happen!

  3. Fred Cantor

    Love the concept!

  4. I’d like to comment about one Unsung Hero, Stacie Curran. She has been steadfast about getting this effort off the ground, with her mission to create employment for adults with challenges, such as her magnificent son Dylan. Stacie even named it The Remarkable Theater which we all can agree is an awesome and meaningful name. Stacie is my right hand for our Challenger baseball team, the Westport Winners, named by Dylan. Clearly, these two have a knack for naming things and for being so beloved in Westport!

  5. Karen Kramer

    And many thanks to Matthew Mandell and Bill Harmer, who have worked tirelessly to help with the remarkable theatre ( which we love ) and for bringing
    us other live music events . We all need entertainment. Thank you all
    P.S. I hope that the drive in stays forever