Westport Marketplace: The Town At Your Fingertips

What’s open? What’s closed? What’s different? What’s going on?

Everyone wants to know. Now we can.

A herculean collaboration between Our Town Crier, the Westport Downtown Merchants Association, Westport Weston Chamber of Commerce and Town of Westport has resulted in a comprehensive, almost-beyond-comprehension website covering every conceivable business, service and organization here.

Welcome to the Westport Marketplace.

Screenshot from Westport Marketplace

The “Virtual Yellow Pages” directory is filled with links and up-to-date information for just about every business and service in Westport. There’s contact information, operating hours,, safety precautions and more.

Users can search by name, relevance, distance, even popularity.

Major categories unfold with dozens of sub-categories.

Besides retail, restaurants, automotives, realty, markets and pharmacies, there are sections on home services (landscaping, builders, interior design, organizers …), medical (acupuncture, specialists, therapists …), banks (accounting, financial advisors, tax help …), personal services (hair, dry cleaners, physical therapy, tanning …), children’s services (sports and music lessons …) and more.

The project could not have happened without 72 interns, says Our Town Crier founder Betsy Pollak.

“The first group drove around town, literally going to each doorstep. They hand-surveyed the entire town. The next group got it onto the website, and took care of social media.”

The Chamber helped keep the restaurant list accurate. The WDMA did the same with retail. Selectwomen Jennifer Tooker and Melissa Kane funneled new information to Pollak and her crew. Local artist/super-volunteer Miggs Burroughs created the Westport Marketplace logo.

“We have incredible young people in Westport. I feel like I should be working for them,” she says.

This is the site we’ve all been waiting for. And need.

Click here to access (and bookmark) the Westport Marketplace. Then go to town!

(Questions? Email info@thewestportmarketplace.com. To update or add a business, or offer feedback, click here.)

14 responses to “Westport Marketplace: The Town At Your Fingertips

  1. Great job thank you😎

  2. Stacie Curran

    Awesome. Thank you Betsy – and a great shout out to the interns making this a reality.

  3. Jennie Pickering

    great effort…..72 interns???
    hope they were paid

  4. Nancy Axthelm

    Love this!
    Well done all!
    And Miggs, as always, is amazing.

  5. Thank you for this great write up Dan!!!

  6. This is great. Hope you can add JoyRide to you list — we are local…and OPEN! Thank you, Betsy.

  7. Fred Cantor

    Did a quick search and it looks very well done. Kudos to those who made this happen. (And I even just gave a 5-star review to our cardiologist, Dr. Sheynberg.)

  8. Sholeh Janati Weinbaum

    Feedback on the Website “our town crier” — this page is not user friendly- it’s very difficult to rate and review, especially on mobile. I’m afraid local businesses will lose the opportunity to have high quality reviews as a result of this user experience. Many people cannot figure out how to rate a restaurant using this site.

    • Sorry you feel this way… please know the functionality is the same as all other online review outlets but if locals use this one we will know that the reviews are real!!! If you would like an intern would be happy to give a tutorial!
      please let us know@ info@thewestportmarketplace.com