Roundup: Y Reopens; SportsPal; More

The Westport Weston Family YMCA reopened today, more than 3 months after it closed.

Members were thrilled to return. And staff — including popular Aquafit instructor Patty Kondub (below) — were thrilled to see them.

When the coronavirus struck, 2018 Staples graduate Zach Feinstein helped create Urlist: a home delivery shopping service.

Over 200 orders later, there’s a new concern beyond groceries. With camps closed and other activities curtailed, Zach — a former Staples High basketball and lacrosse player, now majoring in communications at the University of Maryland — has developed a new app: SportsPal.

it connects college and high school athletes throughout the tri-state region with younger athletes, for personal sports training or helping achieve an active lifestyle. Zach makes sure to select athletes who can not only teach, but also mentor and support youngsters.

For more information, click here or check out @sportspaltraining on Instagram.

Zach Feinstein

And finally … Teenear refuses to live her life in fear. Hear, hear!

6 responses to “Roundup: Y Reopens; SportsPal; More

  1. Michael Isaacs

    Thrilled to be back at the Y today!!! Almost all good. Temperature taken upon entering, and the wellness center has more aerobic pieces of equipment NOT in use than ones that are. Reservation system avoids people lingering and waiting. I was there at 11 a.m. and there were maybe 5 people int the whole room. Was on the upright bike for an hour with two bikes on both sides roped off, so no one came near. People wore masks around the weights and cable machines, with no one getting too close to anyone else. Only downer is that it is fully the honor system when it comes to wiping down machines and weights. Signs request doing so but it’s ‘user beware.’ Pool did not have anyone in it when I checked after my workout. All in all, great to have the Y back.

    • Jake Roscoe

      How many benches did they have over by the dumbbells? That area is SO tight. I can’t picture in my head how social distancing would be possible.

      • Michael Isaacs

        It has been reconfigured. There is a small area (where people used to do sit-ups) that has some free weights, with only one person allowed at a time. Then there are weights and a bench or two at the bottom of the entrance when you walk down into the room. From what I can tell there will never be more than maybe 15 people allowed in the room.

  2. Marguerite Bunny Franco

    Hi Patty,
    Great news & Great to see you!
    Bunny Franco

  3. Marguerite Franco

    Thank you!