Pic Of The Day #1157

Green’s Farms post office (Photo/Bobbie Herman)

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  1. Jack Backiel

    We had Box 306 next to the window. That picture makes me homesick.

  2. Shhhh….Best kept secret in town..

  3. This Kousa dogwood is on Morningside Drive South, south of Clapboard Hill Rd.

    I wish I had sent you my picture of the roses, because I think they look much brighter:


  4. My vision can’t quite make it out, but is it n”Greens Farms” as I think the sign says or “Green’s Farms.” When the New Haven RR ran things, I remember the railroad station as being “Green Farms.”

  5. The sign says “Green’s Farms,” which is why Dan put in the apostrophe. But as any present or former resident of Greens Farms knows, this is incorrect.

  6. We’ve debated this many times on “06880.” The previous sign at the post office did not have an apostrophe. This one does.

  7. Bob Weingarten

    I would like to point out for present or former residents of Green’s Farms that the apostrophe was placed in the name in the late 1700s and 1800s. Here is a few paragraphs from the website of the Green’s Farms Church of:

    When we gather in our light-filled, historic Meetinghouse, we are following in the footsteps of the generations who have worshipped in Green’s Farms since 1711.
    In 1648, five families set out west from Fairfield to farm alongside Long Island Sound next to Burying Hill Beach in what is now Westport. By 1711 they had been joined by another 265 farmers who worked the excellent crop land with Indian and slave labor. In honor of the most successful farmer, John Green, the settlement became known as Green’s Farms.

    Note the last sentence, above. The Green’s Farms Congregational Church has had an apostrophe in its name from mid-1800s.

    I wrote an article for the Greens Farms Living magazine, note that they didn’t have an apostrophe and I never found out why. The article discusses the different places that Green’s Farms versus Greens Farms was. Anyone hwo wants to read the article, can email me and I will send it to you. Email is rwmailbox@aol.com.

  8. David Squires (Staples '75)

    Hurrah for the 06838…. It’s GREAT!!!