Police Chief, 1st Selectman React To Minneapolis Death

Westport Police Chief Foti Koskinas and 1st Selectman Jim Marpe issued this statement today:

We certainly can be counted among the many municipal and law enforcement leaders who were horrified and deeply disappointed by the recent tragedy in Minneapolis.

The Westport Police Department, like so many others across our country, has worked diligently to build relationships and trust within our communities; a trust which we and our national partners in law enforcement recognize must be incrementally earned and always carefully maintained. Fostering this trust among our community through a steadfast dedication to public service continues to be our top priority.

During difficult times such as these, it is important to reaffirm that the Westport Police Department remains resolutely committed to pursuing the goals of its mission statement through the fair and equitable treatment of all of those we encounter.

Marpe noted: “Westport’s commitment to fairness, equality and social justice is stronger than ever, and is reflected daily in the actions of our Police Department, as well as in all town departments and activities.”

13 responses to “Police Chief, 1st Selectman React To Minneapolis Death

  1. I’m glad they issued this statement, and I feel fortunate that we live in a town that emphasizes fair and equitable treatment, and law enforcement not resorting to harming others unless required.

  2. Elisabeth Rose

    Love this statement. So my question is this: Do all police officers wear cameras (that are turned on)?

  3. What happened in Minn. is worse than horrible. It makes me sick to think we have police departments that promote the culture that we all have witnessed.
    In any organization there are bad actors but to see policeman stand by and watch a man getting brutalized is the low point of police behavior.
    I very much appreciate the statement by our First Selectman and Chief of Police. They are the ones that set the tone and and create the culture that makes this Town a wonderful place to live.

  4. Karen Kramer

    We are lucky to have both an amazing first selectman and police chief/ and force. Thank you for speaking out and stepping up.

  5. Dave Eason

    Hey Chief… Did you send help to Bridgeport PD today when they were asking for help as the “protestors” were breaking down the doors to Police HQ?

    • Wendy Cusick

      I just read Fairfield, Monroe and Easton came to help at Bridgeport Police Heads at Congress St along with State Police. Bridgeport probably would be happy with the extra help from Westport since masses of people have moved over to I-95 N & S around exit 29 shutting it down along with RT 8/25 exit 2 and 3.
      This might change as people move and police try to open a passage day. Please be alert to the area you’re driving in.
      Source: CT State Police page and Doing it Local Facebook page

      • Wendy Cusick

        Do to the people not dispersing quickly or refusing.
        Police from surrounding comment are bringing in prisoner vans to State Police to clear the roads.

    • Dave Eason

      BTW Westport PD did send officers to Bridgeport.

      • Wendy Cusick

        Good to hear. đź‘Ś
        They needed all the support and help over there.
        Thanks for the update.

    • Harry Smileu

      Yes. Westport PD was there

  6. Robin Weinberg

    This is a great letter, it’s true. And I respect our police department for doing their best work to treat people fairly. But when will all of our politicians and people in power stop referring to these horrendous events as “tragedies?” Tragedy is when a tree falls and paralyzes our neighbor. Tragedy is not the racist murder of a black man, named George Floyd, by the way, at the hands of the police. Let’s use language that isn’t sanitized for our protection. Call this what it is. Hiding reality behind bland words relieves everyone from facing that reality. We can and should do better.

  7. Jo Shields Sherman

    On a CT flip side of the MN police response, this statement from our State Police last week, in their pursuit of the fugitive UConn student, impressed me a great deal and provided another reason to take meaningful pride in our own law enforcement, their training and their capabilities. Contrast a humane approach for an alleged murderer here in CT vs. a brutally inhumane response in MN for someone whose suspected crime was of far less import:

    “My message is to Peter directly — Peter, we’ve talked to your family, your friends and your roommates. All of them have said the same thing. That this behavior is out of the ordinary for you. We know this is not who you are. Peter, I want you to know that we are continuing our investigation. The one thing we are missing is you. We want you to be able to tell your story. We are here to listen to you, your parents, your friends, all of us here in CT. We want a peaceful end to this. Your family has hired an attorney on your behalf and your rights will be safeguarded. We are waiting to hear from you, we want to hear from you. Please call 911. Let us know where you are. We want to resolve this in a safe way. Please call us. We are waiting here to listen to you,” said State Police Lt. John Aiello.

  8. John Dodig

    We are all fortunate to have Jim leading our town and Foti heading our Police Department. Together they keep us prosperous and safe. Kudos to both gentlemen.