Osprey Update!

Time for an osprey update! Carolyn Doan — who for several years has taken magnificent photos of the Fresh Market raptors — reports:

At first glance today I was excited to see the female, but also a bit worried. She looked disheveled, and was definitely having a bad feather day.

However, she stood on the edge of the nest looking inward and down. That’s a good sign that there are probably chicks in there.

As I watched, the male flew in to offer support. He spruced things up a bit by shifting around some outer sticks, and stayed for awhile. After making sure all was well, he flew off again — most likely in search of fish.

(Photos/Carolyn Doan)

I had a lovely conversation with the workers in the parking lot, who offered to call up to a co-worker on the roof to check for chicks.

I didn’t hear back from them, but they suspect there is a family due to lots of noise and the female calling downward — maybe to ask that the noise be kept to a minimum!

5 responses to “Osprey Update!

  1. I looked like that when my kids were newborn.

  2. Rindy Higgins

    Having bern a national osprey steward, this is so much fun to read! Carolyn, your pictures are fabulous!

  3. I was worried about them, because I haven’t seen much activity, also because their favorite “flight training” tree has been removed. Are we hearing any noise from the nest?

    • Carolyn J Doan

      Hi Pat,
      I am happy to report that they seem to be doing just fine. I think they are using other nearby trees behind Terrain and Fresh Market. I did hear peeps coming from the nest but they could also be from smaller birds that sit on the fringes. I’d like to think the noises were from chicks since mom kept her focus inward and on the center!

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