Pics Of The Day #1134

Betsy Kravitz celebrates Memorial Day, on South Compo Road…

(Photo/Jimmy Izzo)

(Photo/Alexis Donnerstag)

… and with hands over hearts, a socially distanced crowd heart Gettysburg College junior Sophia Bookas play “Taps” this afternoon, at Saugatuck Sweets…

(Photo/Jaime Bairaktaris)

… while not far away, Lt. Ryan B. Weddle of the US Naval Reserves and his sons John and Ben — Cub Scouts, and Greens Farms Elementary  School students — decorated veterans’ graves at Christ & Holy Trinity Cemetery.

They honored Joseph J. Clinton, who died in France during World War I, and for whom the local VFW Post 399 is named for, as well as John H. Darrow, 28th Connecticut Volunteers, who was killed in Baton Rouge during the Civil War. 

Lt. Weddle and his sons also placed US and Navy flags at Westport’s World War I and World War II memorials, at Veterans Green.

5 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1134

  1. Rhona Lieberson

    Heartfelt appreciation to Chris of Saugatuck Sweets for arranging the Social Distance gathering in the open area between The Welk and Saugatuck Sweets. Sophia put her all in her playing of Taps,,,,truly a moving experience!!!

  2. Rose Jordan

    Thank you, John and Ben, for honoring our fallen heroes. You did a good deed today. Your Cub Scout troupe will be proud of you!

  3. Sheila Vesciglio

    I’m surprised the boys aren’t wearing masks esp in Westport 😳

  4. Alice Allen


  5. Mark Bachmann

    Great photos and fantastic spirit – we all need this. Thanks everybody!