As Westport Stores Look To Reopen …

… a new one hopes to make a hit here:

Looking for a place to spend your coronavirus stimulus check? Westport Cigar & Vape is on the Post Road just east of Greens Farms Elementary School, tucked conveniently between Fortuna’s and Greens Farms Spirit Shop.

41 responses to “As Westport Stores Look To Reopen …

  1. Perfect!
    As we suffer from one of the most horrific pandemics of all time which inflicts its horrors to the lungs, primarily, this is just what we need!

  2. Denise Torve

    How stupid is this! At a time of a pandemic that severely attacks the lungs, a new outlet is opening whose products are also detrimental to the lungs and respiratory system. Tell me this is a late April Fool’s joke or that I’m missing something.

    • Indeed! And to add to that, the bastards have chosen to put a sign in the window advertising THE MOST DANGEROUS of all cigarettes….those with menthol.
      I hope they fail; and quickly.

  3. India van Voorhees

    That’s the last type of store I’d expect to see here in Westport.
    I’m curious why they thought this would be a good market for them. I’ll also be curious to see if it’s successful.

  4. Mark Yurkiw

    Please tell me this is a joke, right?.
    Tell me how it’s legal to sell an addictive drug without a prescription?
    (The answer is not because it’s safer than tobacco)

  5. Adrian J Little

    With all the data we have on the dangers of adolescent vaping , to specifically identify the store as ” just east of Greens Farms Elementary”
    seems particularly tone deaf

    • I don’t think that my mentioning the location that way will change anything, Adrian. Do you think that elementary school students — whose school is now closed — will read my post and suddenly discover that, when it and their school opens, they can go there? And that they wouldn’t have known otherwise?

  6. K.F. Spearen

    Just what we Needed .. More addition issues in our town .. It wont last very Long thou , due to the high rents in that plaza ..

  7. Linda Amos

    Who cares where it is located it is just unbelievable someone thinks this is a good business to invest in. Don’t we have enough health issues going on in the world today? Can’t imagine going into such a store front, would have to be in the cover of night!

  8. Diana Marias

    Smokers-Add to further lung inflammation (and covid 19 causes hyperinflation=severe lung compromise )• tobacco- risk of lung, colon,prostate, bladder cancers.. chronic obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD)
    Popcorn Lung in vapers w lung damage..
    Who in their right mind would even think of go to this store??
    By the way , seeing a lot more lung cancers in the last couple of years.. prevention is better than the treatment..

  9. Jalna Jaeger Rn Bsn

    Vaping and smoking are bad for your lungs, and make you more compromised if you get Covid 19. smokers and vapers beware.

  10. Peter Blau

    Sure wish I had a vape and smoke shop next door to my elementary school

  11. Peter Blau

    Congrats to Pyramid Real Estate Group for bringing such a classy addition to the Westport retail scene.

  12. Susan Iseman


  13. Marion Heiss

    Another Vape shop supporting this dangerous, and highly addictive habit among our kids and disappointing. Certainly not what we need right now.

  14. Jay Walshon MD FACEP

    But I am a bit perplexed that you suggest it as “being a place to spend COVID-19 checks”. Sounds like an unnecessary albeit unintentional endorsement.

  15. Penelope Love

    So sorry! What a shame!


  16. Harry Smiley

    Wow! Let’s cry a little more. It’s a specialty store and if you don’t like what they sell please do not go. The location is irrelevant. Elementary school aged children are not making a mad dash to the vape store between classes. If it’s not one thing for people to complain about in this town it is something else. Never a shortage of complainers. For those who think there is no market for people of legal age in this town, keep your head in the sand. You may get very scared if you pop it out and look around.

    • India van Voorhees

      When you reference “those who think there is no market…”, I’m going to assume you mean me. If I’m wrong, please forgive me my assumption.

      I only said that because I’ve seen very, very few smokers in Westport. As someone who smoked for many years before quitting (and who is now paying the price), I’m aware of things like that. So that’s why I voiced my surprise.
      No offense meant to those who do smoke and vape.

    • Marion Heiss

      Harry Smiley, It’s the underage kids who are terribly addicted already that we are most concerned about. It’s an ongoing health crisis in Westport, not
      to mention the entire country.
      No need for it here.

  17. Bill Kutik

    Phillip Morris never went broke selling cigarettes or beer, though they did finally take the corporate name off their cigarettes.

  18. Daryl Styner, D.D.S.

    How does anyone own a business like this and still have a conscience?

    • Peter Barlow

      It’s the way the window makes the products seem desirable – “coming soon” to Westport. Actually, how many places are already in Westport where you can buy cigarettes and vaping products? Every one of those business owners are lacking some conscience.

  19. Michael Isaacs

    At least it’s not another bank.

  20. Karen Howes

    why have this store promoted, mentioned.. previous posts are saying what percentage of westporters are in need, spending stimulus check at this place, not cool and not funny 😷

    • It’s news. It’s something that’s coming to Westport. Sticking your head in the sand won’t make it go away. And check out the comments, Karen. Most of them are opposed to the store. I don’t think my post will make or break their business.

      • Jamie Walsh

        Dan just remember…”no good deed goes unpunished!” Simple information is really interpreted differently by so many.

      • Ellen Naftalin

        To tell you the truth Dan, I thought it was a hoax. The work of a jokester. Two six foot tall posters of menthols? Really? I wish when I was in my teens in Westport back in the ’60s there had only been menthols. I never would never have started smoking if that had been the case. Anyway if it is to be I am sure the place will have a very solid system in place to keep elementary school children and other underage people from patronizing the place.

  21. Sandra Bentivoglio

    WHAT IS NEXT…Planparenthood abortion center next to school.
    Why are they trying to DESTROY OUR CHILDREN????

    • A PP center anywhere in town would be good.

    • Isabelle Breen

      Uhm, there’s been a liquor store next to that school for 30 years. Never saw anyone tearing down Jack Riley’s door and running him out of town on a rail. Actually he was a beloved member of the community.
      Take a breath people, free market will decide if this place survives.

  22. Michael Calise

    Will they havw Prince Albert in the can?

    • Ellen Naftalin

      Even after I quit smoking whenever I visited Minneapolis I would walk in to a local Tobacconist. My friend rolled his own and so I would buy something for him. There was even a Tobacco named Ellen. I admit that even 20 years after quitting I had to roll one and try. One puff was enough. It’s a habit that dies hard. Can’t think of a person I know who quits and then starts again. Still I find the aroma of fresh tobacco to be intoxicating. My father smoked a pipe, my grand father smoked a pipe. Grandpa had a nursery here in Saugatuck and I used to sit and watch as he planted seed and fussed about in his green house. To this day the aroma of fresh musty earth and cherry pipe tobacco is nostalgic. Lest there be any misunderstandings, cigarettes and vaporizers are a whole different beast. I think I started smoking because I bent under peer group pressure. These days I think peer group pressure has turned. Glamorous stars are not smokers. Someone walking down a sidewalk smoking is no longer admired. Peer group pressure works well for teenagers and adults. This store does not worry me.

  23. Valerie Leff

    Let’s just hope they go broke during lockdown.

  24. Isabelle Breen

    Uhm, there’s been a liquor store next to that school for 30 years. Never saw anyone tearing down Jack Riley’s door and running him out of town on a rail. Actually he was a beloved member of the community.
    Take a breath people, free market will decide if this place survives.

    • Gene Borio

      1. Nicotine is far more addictive to far more people than alcohol. (Although yes, alcohol is a huge problem for many people in this country. I notice many celebs seem unconscionably ignorant of this fact. “Isn’t liquor fun?” they joke. That’s you, Stephen Colbert.)

      2. Except for the Spuds Mackenzie debacle, liquor companies have not been the massive advertisers and suppliers to teens that tobacco companies have.

      3. Tobacco companies say they “don’t want kids to smoke.” But have you ever in your life, seen Philip Morris cut off or even lightly penalize a business that’s been caught selling to kids? Of course not. Doesn’t happen. They know their market–kids, the vast majority of new smokers.

      4. The “free market” takes far too long in tobacco’s case. COPD, heart disease and lung cancer victims–and the dead–who don’t buy cigarettes anymore are out of the target market anyway.

      5. The costs to the community–and to individuals– of a store like this are far, far heavier than any sales or real estate taxes that are brought in.

      Liquor stores seem to be much more tightly and forcefully regulated than tobacco stores; and in general, liquor companies seem far better at self-reguilation than tobacco companies.

      WHO statement on tobacco use and Covid-19:.
      “A review of studies by public health experts convened by WHO on 29 April 2020 found that smokers are more likely to develop severe disease with COVID-19, compared to non-smokers.”

      PPS: Tobacco companies invest mountains of $$ to make sure their advertising–its deployment AND design–hits kids and the addicted as hard as possible, so I was NOT pleased to see 06880 helping them spread the word. They would have paid a magazine plenty to run this ad.

      • Mark L Yurkiw

        Thanks Gene. Finally, someone to echo my comment about selling Nicotine an addictive substance without regulation. Nicotine IS the problem!. The reason it’s not regulated is the tobacco companies fought hard to be able to keep selling it, claiming it’s not physically harmful like the tobacco. It is more addictive than heroin. It has economically enslaved everyone who uses it. It doesn’t kill you it enslaves you. The FDA hasn’t been able to “prove” it’s harm to humans which is why it’s still on the shelves without a script. Even those that successfully transited from smoking many are now addicted to the nicotine gum, lozenges, etc. The tobacco companies know where the money is and have invested in the Vaping trade to replace the lost income from the tobacco. Follow the money, “it’s the Nicotine stupid”

        • Gene Borio

          This all reminded me of going into my 14-year-old niece’s room in the 80s and seeing a huge stuffed Spuds Mackenzie. I thought, as a naif in these matters at the time, “Gee, that doesn’t seem right.”

          The party hearty dog advertised Bud Light, which many don’t consider to be beer, really, but still– it’s fine as a starter for kids. And let’s not forget Spuds was fondly used in Bud Light’s TV ad during the 2017 Super Bowl. So will I ever buy an Anheuser Busch product? Not likely, just another in my personal boycott list.

          And yes, my poor niece had a terrible drinking problem in her early adulthood.