Pic Of The Day #1116

Compo Beach sunrise. When you wake up at 5 a.m., you get to see some amazing things!” says photographer Patricia McMahon.

12 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1116

  1. David Squires


  2. Susan Hopkins

    Not the most erudite comment, but … WOW!

  3. Robin Massa

    David.. ur right..pull your mask down (provided ur alone.or at least 6 feet away from another human being) and take in a deep breath at the beauty of a new day! It was the mask making u stutter..I get it! It’s an awesome pic!

  4. Mary Schmerker

    Patricia captures the best …..

  5. Hal Kravitz

    Magnificent!! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Wow, girl! Like walking on the MOON! And I know where you are……….

  7. Grateful to see that Compo Beach and its early morning glories, thanks to Patricia, continue to amaze and to welcome this returnee to Westport last month after an absence of 30 years. Thank you to all those with a beautiful ‘eye.’

  8. Kathryn Coster

    Absolutely spectacular !!!!!

  9. Sharon Paulsen

    Wow! Wow! Wow!

  10. Patricia McMahon

    Thank you all so much for the lovely compliments.
    It’s always a gift to see the sunrise and set here at Compo .
    This one on particular blew me away .
    Stay healthy and safe everyone !!

  11. Jeanine A. Esposito

    One of your best!!

  12. Nancy Kondub- Harris

    The best time of the day at Compo ! I wish you would do a show- I would buy this picture!