COVID-19 Roundup: Graduation; Helpful Guys; Mercy Learning; 6 Feet; More

Jennifer Kobetitsch lives across the street from Staples High. So — with yesterday’s (long-awaited) announcement by Governor Lamont that all public schools will remain closed through the end of June — the sign she posted at the top of her driveway is apt.

But she’s especially sad there will be no in-person graduation ceremonies this spring: Her 5th grader attends Long Lots Elementary.

On to Bedford this fall!

From the first days of the coronavirus crisis, a dozen or so Westport teenagers have run errands for senior citizens, and anyone else having difficulty getting out because of self-quarantine. Plenty of people used their safe, socially distancing services (and loved them).

Seven weeks in, they’re still helping.

“We’re getting pretty good at grocery shopping,” they say. “We’ll go to the post office, or whatever else you need. We can’t enter homes though, or interact with pets or people. Westport, Weston and Fairfield residents only, please!”

To contact these great guys (and girls), email

Staples High School student Will Matar delivers groceries.

Since retiring from Staples High School, Dr. Gerry Kuroghlian has been a staunch, beloved tutor at Mercy Learning Center.

He and his fellow volunteers do remarkable work, helping underserved women in Bridgeport improve their lives through education. Food security is always an issue — particularly now.

MLC’s doors are closed during the pandemic. Staff members do their best to ensure that clients have food and basic supplies, plus funds to help with rent and other bills.

But their food and diaper pantries are almost bare — and they’re close to running out of food gift cards. Checks can be sent to Mercy Learning Center, 637 Park Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06604. Click here for online donations.

“06880” receives regular reports from readers complaining that residents are not keeping 6 feet away.

Westporters are not stupid. Or inconsiderate. Or selfish.

But — just to help out — Richard Brezovec sends along this reminder of how far 6 feet actually is:

And finally … despite the credits, this was Diana Ross without the Supremes. But 50 years later, the music and message still resonate.

6 responses to “COVID-19 Roundup: Graduation; Helpful Guys; Mercy Learning; 6 Feet; More

  1. Caryl Beatus


  2. Susan Hopkins

    Great Covid-19 song, Dan!

    Social distancing in Colorado … 1380+ (give or take) miles away via I-80.

  3. B. T. Evanson

    You mention above that “Westporters” are not stupid, inconsiderate or selfish. Yet based solely on a recent example–people all over the Compo area last weekend—-evidently many locals are, in fact, 2 out of the 3 above.
    Why do I bring this up now? Because as town gets closer to “slowly opening”, the behavior of every one of us will determine how long we stay
    “open”…..or do we head back towards lockdown status once again???
    If you are one of those people in this town that puts your needs WAY above
    the needs of everybody else, maybe, just maybe, you’ll possibly change your behavior…..even just a tad. It really is all about a community acting like a community, in the best interests of everybody.
    Could YOU try?
    Everyone be well.

  4. Hey Dan,
    Did someone miss “We’ll be Together”? Thank you for the possible!