A Rhyme (Or 2) At COVID Time

For several weeks, Westporters Larry Gastwirt and his wife Sylvia de Lange have been “stranded” at their winter home in Naples, Florida.

It sounds nice. But beaches, parks and outdoor facilities have been closed for a month. Restaurants are shut; only supermarkets, pharmacies and a few essential businesses are open. “Many older people (we included) have groceries delivered,” he says.

Some private golf courses are operating, under strict conditions: no touching the flag pole or cup, no rakes in bunkers, no ball washers.

However, the weather is beautiful.

Larry Gastwirt and Sylvia de Lange.

Larry spends his time writing poems. He shares them with “06880” readers.


Romance in the Time of Social Distancing

There once was a couple romantic,
Till Covid-19 drove them frantic;
Though he pledged her his heart,
They stay 6 feet apart,
Restricted to contact semantic.

This drives him apoplectic,
And she’s becoming dyspeptic;
They’re stranded in Naples,
Searching for staples,
Along with hand-wipes antiseptic.

Can their ardor survive this caper?
Or is it beginning to taper?
They’ve turned down the fire,
And sublimated their desire,
In the quest for toilet paper.

While physically they can’t cavort,
They’re successfully holding the fort;
But if they don’t cuddle soon,
They’ll forget how to spoon,
They can’t wait to get home to Westport!

“Social” Distancing

Since Covid-19 has filled us with dread,
Cultural norms have been turned on their head;
Staying apart, such an asocial thing,
Is lauded as “social” distancing.

Handshakes became fist-bumps, now they’re through,
Even elbow taps are taboo;
The comfort of a warm embrace
Is a memory we must erase.

Greeting neighbors in the street
Used to be a daily treat;
Its demise we now are witnessing,
A casualty of “social” distancing.

I haven’t even mentioned kissing,
Another norm that’s sadly missing;
Our natural impulses we must block,
The epitome of culture shock.

I yearn for the day I can be a free man,
When I’ll be able to hug and kiss again;
When the world can safely say good riddance
To the aberration mis-named “social distance.”

11 responses to “A Rhyme (Or 2) At COVID Time

  1. Sandra Lefkowitz

    There is no doubt that we are missing our own wandering minstrel Larry you made us smile from afar-

  2. Connie Von Zwehl

    Dear Larry and Sylvia,
    Thanks for the Rhymes!
    I am self quarantined in a Park Shore
    high-rise for 44 days. It’s not bad, but sad. A ghost town this AM. How long are you staying? I’m trying to figure it out.

  3. Scott Broder


    Thank you for sharing your rhymes which brought
    a smile. May you and your wife stay healthy and safe.
    Hoping this pandemic of required social distancing
    soon end. We all want back to the days of human contact🤗 and real safety 🙏🏼

  4. Michael Elliot

    Larry and Sylvia thank you for your rhymes…
    A temporary respite into the sublime.
    We all stay at home…..mostly,
    Your town has become eerily ghostly.
    They say this to will pass…
    Along with the price of gas.
    I truly hope our world has not changed forever,
    And that you will continue to be clever.

  5. Larry Gastwirt

    Thanks for the kind words, Scott.
    Stay well,

  6. A terrific picture of you and Sylvia. Your poetry is a treat to start the day. Anything that brings a smile is an an especially good thing these days. I think you brought many smiles.

  7. Eitan Gastwirt

    We miss and love you dod Larry and Sylvia! Stay safe… and keep rocking the poems!