Steve Axthelm’s Good Walk, Unspoiled

The Longshore golf course is closed. But on Sunday, Parks & Recreation Commission member Steve Axthelm played it anyway.

Well, sort of. Here’s his story:

I walked 18 at Longshore today.

Got out of my car by the pro shop (3 spaces away from anyone) in late afternoon, and headed to the first tee. It was becoming overcast and breezy but not cold, still beautiful with the smell of spring.

Steve Axthelm

I felt really good. Bag was light as a feather. Took a few practice swings, set my feet, thought about what the golf gurus say: Envision the shot, see the shot you want to make.

Pivoted the torso on the back swing, left arm straight, weight balanced as I turned. Swung through with rhythm and grace.

Finished high. 240 down the middle in the fairway, and I’m a 220 guy off the tee all over the place!

So I walked deliberately up the fairway. (I love the short grass. Why is it so hard to find?)

Next swing was good but just short of the green. Chipped in from 20 feet! And that’s how the round went. Fairway after fairway. Every approach or chip in the hole for birdie, except #4 which I eagled. I never imagined a round like this until I imagined it today!

Shot a 51, which is usually my 9 hole score. When I turned the corner at 18, there was a huge crowd of socially distanced fans cheering and waving. I holed the chip, grateful that I never violated the “stay off the greens” current Longshore policy.

The Longshore golf course was very unspoiled on Sunday. (Photo/Steve Axthelm)

I skipped the COVID-19th hole and went home to pour a dram of Glenfiddich. I can only imagine having a day like this at Longshore again. But if I do, I will yell “fore!” if you get within 25 yards of me.

So to my friends I say: Walk 18. See the shot. The course is closed to the game — but not to your imagination.

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay the hell away from each other.

Stephen Axthelm
Parks, Recreation & Imagination Commission

7 responses to “Steve Axthelm’s Good Walk, Unspoiled

  1. Janette Kinnally

    Great imagination. What a great score. I will join you with a glass 🥃 of whiskey on zoom on the 21st (that is today). Cheers 😊

  2. Lovely idea very supportive and fun

  3. Nancy Axthelm

    Your best round in years!
    The glass half full and the silver lining indeed.

  4. Don Bergmann

    Steve has long been one of my favorites on our Parks & Recreation Commission. His virtual round of golf heightens that appeal. Thank you Steve.
    Don Bergmann

  5. Steve, we worked together many years ago on a project for cystic fibrosis care. You were a stand up guy then and you still hit the high notes. Good work for a good cause. Stay well, stay healthy.